Clean and beautiful

Design a winning lay-out yourself

There are probably a million things you could do to spruce up your store, but not everyone has the funds to do a complete overhaul.


The game is in the name

Licensing or franchising?

There are always rules to running a franchise, and these rules are set by the franchisor.


Loud and proud

Take on the role of marketing and see your business grow

Marketing happens when your business communicates with your consumer audience in a way that aims to make your business or products more valuable, or to make the public more aware of your business and products.

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Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Here’s how to set it up

Facebook? It has never interested you. You like to call yourself “old school” and talk longingly about the good old days of LPs and turntables and actual face-to-face conversations.

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Easy payment

Your tax and UIF duties

SARS has introduced a simpler system called Turnover Tax aimed at helping small businesses streamline the process of paying tax.


So you're a big success, what's next?

Growing your business through funding

If you are looking to expand your business, it’s time to consider your options and identify market partners that can help take you to the next level


Be a market leader

Tips for running a successful store

Spaza and tuck shop traders are facing more competition than they ever have before. At the same time, they occupy a special place in the market.


Rent or buy?

Making sense of property investment

South Africans are often posed with the dilemma (due to our tumultuous economy and increasing interest rates) as to whether buying a property is really a good financial decision.


Blazing trails in township tourism

Lessons in bringing tourist money to the township

You’d expect aspirant, young business people to look outside of the townships for opportunities, but for three entrepreneurs, casting an eye around those vibrant neighbourhoods them their inspiration.


Endurance is key to success

Are you a resilient entrepreneur? Read and learn!

Building a business is not a sprint, but a marathon, with hills, headwinds, heat and dust.