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The cash flow conundrum

by Spotong

There is more than sufficient funding for business in South Africa


Keep it flowing

Cash-flow is the life-blood of your business

Cash is king, but just as there are good kings and bad kings, there good and bad ways of managing cash flow, the life-blood of your business. Get on the king's good side by applying the following best practices

Be smart and keep it simple

Better budgeting for a tough trading environment

Just as the South African finance minister needs to ensure that the national budget is realistic and attainable, local entrepreneurs need to ensure they have their annual budgets in optimal order.


Going zhuzh

Stokvels are becoming more upmarket

Stokvels, the traditional community-based saving scheme is going upmarket as different income segments embrace the concepts that many have held dear for generations.


Exit with dignity

Take care of your family when you are gone

Going beyond funeral cover, life insurance is a cost-effective way to provide your family with an income to keep the roof over their head and cover future expenses.


Bright ideas

Cut down on your energy bill

You can consciously control the amount of electric light you use, which can reduce your energy bill quite a lot.


Beware of the bargains

Why cheaper is not always best  

With the South African economy struggling to grow and many companies tightening their budgets, it is very easy to fall into the trap of choosing price over quality when making purchase decisions.


Planning to succeed

Women need financial planning to secure the future

Women are playing a direct role in today’s economy, but many are not realising their full financial potential over the short to long term period.

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Welcome to the Stokfella’s club

Stokvel investing in one click

Young fintech entrepreneur named Tshepo Moloi brings us StokFella, a company that makes the use of Stokvels easier and more relevant to the modern day youth.


Less money stress

Saving tax is now a whole lot simpler

Did you know that you can now contribute up to 27,5% of your income towards retirement, and receive a tax deduction for this? You pay less tax, while you are making important provision for old age.