Health & Safety


Are you drinking or driving this festive season?

Drive Dry

Drive Dry will be giving out complimentary Uber Rides vouchers to any person who visits @DriveDry on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and publicly takes the pledge to drive dry.


Keeping less cash on your premises

Simple solutions to avoid the risk of handling cash on your premises.

Township traders are increasingly becoming targets of crime. One of the main reasons that spaza shops and taverns are targeted is because criminals know that there is always money in the tills.

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The right stuff

Equipment for your spaza shop, tavern and shebeen

Stock up your spaza shop, tavern and shebeen with these products; branded barrel ends, portable ice makers and loud speakers.

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Safety During Holidays

Drink, but don’t drive

During the holiday season, roads in and around Johannesburg become killing fields, with an abnormally high number of fatalities.


Smart Storage

Keeping your fresh produce fresher for longer

By storing fruits and vegetables for maximum freshness, they will taste better and last longer, helping you sell more of them before they spoil and saving you money in the long run.


Latest technology for small business owners

Cashless payment solutions

Reducing the risk of keep cash on your business premises by using these cashless payment solutions.


Know your status

The importance of knowing your HIV status

BioSure HIV Self-Test allows you to discreetly determine your own HIV status at a time and a place that is convenient to you.


Crack down on creepy-crawlies

Adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards pests

An excellent reputation for hygiene will stand you in good stead, while a reputation for slovenliness and filth will only cause your clientele to walk out of the door.


Be a man - get your health checked!

Take steps to prevent diabetes now

Relationship problems, depression, heart attack. In that order.Not very attractive?If you were told this was your future, what would you do?


I pour this beer for you

Responsible drinking the African way

Ngicela phuza ukumbothi lenu. These words are uttered when beer is offered to amadlozi, those who once were where we are now, for the sake of remembrance, respect and good fortune: I pour this beer for you.