Health & Safety


Be a man - get your health checked!

Take steps to prevent diabetes now

Relationship problems, depression, heart attack. In that order.Not very attractive?If you were told this was your future, what would you do?

Food safety

Food safety goes beyond buying the food off the shelf

Our top tips on keeping you safe

Restaurants and retailers have a responsibility to ensure that the food they provide to the public is of good quality and safe for consumption – but food safety responsibilities do not end there.

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Tobacco smoke

If you’re a smoker, there’s a very good chance it will kill you!

Tobacco smoke is the single most preventable cause of death globally and is currently responsible for killing one in 10 adults worldwide, or one person every six seconds.

Approximately one child in five South African children is overweight and this can expose them to a number of health risks as they grow older..JPG

Obesity Disease

Don’t be a Couch Potato

With approximately one child in five SA children overweight and exposed to a number of health risks as they grow older, the International Statistical Classification of Diseases has specified obesity a disease.


I pour this beer for you

Responsible drinking the African way

Ngicela phuza ukumbothi lenu. These words are uttered when beer is offered to amadlozi, those who once were where we are now, for the sake of remembrance, respect and good fortune: I pour this beer for you.

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Safety During Holidays

Drink, but don’t drive

During the holiday season, roads in and around Johannesburg become killing fields, with an abnormally high number of fatalities.

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Health tips

Staying active

Christine Sparks, personal trainer with Virgin Active Health Clubs, shares five quick and easy exercise tips and moves you can do anywhere, to help keep your body active, healthy and in shape.

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Stress and anxiety

The not-so-festive season

For some the food, family and festivities of Christmas can be the loneliest and most miserable time of the year. People who are on their own feel more alone than ever and the financial strain can be immense.


Effects of alcohol

Diet, Alcohol and Cancer

You can avoid the risks of developing cancer by exercising regularly, making smart eating choices, limiting alcohol intake, reducing sun exposure, avoiding tobacco and adopting other healthy lifestyle habits.

Foetal Aclohol Syndrome

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Drinking While Pregnant Can Harm your Unborn Baby

The number of people affected by Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is three to five times more than those with HIV/Aids and it’s also the biggest cause of mental retardation in South Africa, according to the WHO.