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How to avoid exploitation when taking funeral cover

Focus on what's important

In spite of regulations that are intended to protect consumers which take up funeral plans, many continue to be exploited, losing large sums of money in the process.

Manage your time effectively

Tips on effective management

For home and business

Kriya Govender, from PRP Solutions, says that life is a juggling act. This is especially for women, who need to be extra nimble and dexterous to face the challenges of managing at home and in the workplace.


Property facelift

Features that add value to your home

With the housing market in its current state, the sensible householder's mantra should be 'don't move but improve.


Self employed and bond

A bond for self-employed

Most banks view self-employed home loan seekers as high risk and as a result would only offer them a 90 % and not the full 100 % bond, says Olen Sterling, mortgage expert at Property Loans.

Mobile advantage

Use technology to get ahead

Mobile technology is changing the world, and it could change your business.

Abstract background

It's all about the bass

Turn your tavern into a boombox

Tailor your background music and provide professional DJ quality music playlists!

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Live within your means

If consumers do not reduce their levels of debt, improve their money management skills, and try to put aside money for emergencies, education, retirement, the savings ratio in SA will not improve.

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Home and good lifestyle

Do you spend money on your home or looks?

Modern households are less worried about their homes and its condition and they spend more money on their looks and enjoying the good life.

Energy Solar

Green Home

Greener Homes Save You Energy Costs

Homeowners are becoming aware of the need to create eco-friendly or green homes that help to reduce energy usage and cost, and also fight against global warming which is a big threat to life on earth.

Home Renovations

Renovating property

Renovating can add or take away value from your property

Most people who choose to renovate are happy where they live but either need more space or want to improve their property and its value.