Single Malt as it should be

Appreciate Single Malt whisky as it should be with Glen Grant

Glen Grant, Speyside's only barley-to-bottle distiller, is celebrated for its finer-grained style of Scottish single malt.


New on the shelf

Introducing the latest retail products your customers will love

These are some of the delicious new products that we recommend. Now out on the shelf!


Pietersburg Tavern

"I used to be very poor, but my life changed drastically when I got my business."

Starting a business is tough, but if you do it right, the benefits are great.


Whitehouse Lifestyle Tavern

Meet the people of Spotong

"I wanted to give back to the community".


Local vibe

Put your place on the tourist map

Visitors to the township often want to take home the authentic “local experience” and here's how.

SL Original - Pack from front with bottle (LR).jpg

Scottish Leader's eye-catching Easter gift packs

A premium blended whisky that has reinvigorated the market

Scotch whisky, Scottish Leader, is pulling a rabbit out of the hat this Easter by offering consumers two distinct, limited-edition gift packs, reflecting the global brand’s unique, modern take on whisky.


The perfect balance of value and compromise

We review the best wheels for your business and for you

It seems to be a growing trend in South Africa that when the petrol price goes up, everything goes up. Bread and milk are nearly twice what they were a few years ago, yet the petrol price is just about the same

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The cutting edge

The best technology for your shop or tavern

Our top equipment picks to help you and your business function smoother.


Ensimini Jazz Lounge

Face the challenge head on

Make sure you are passionate about whatever you want to do.


Nhlanhla’s Place

Meet the people of Spotong

In this series of reviews we introduce you to the tavern owners that make a difference. Meet Nhlanhla Moloi from Wattsville, Benoni.