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Winter treat

Chocolate stout doughnuts with chocolate glaze

Top South African food stylist and Drizzle and Dip blogger, has created chocolate stout doughnuts with chocolate glaze.


Happy returns

The painless way to grow your business

Many experts agree that customer service is by far the most important part of any business. You simply cannot have too much of it.

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Chefs training programme

Learning specialised cooking skills

Making its third anniversary this year, the youth chefs training keeps on soaring; changing the lives of young people and providing the hospitality industry with a highly sought after skilled workforce.

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Skills Renewal

Entrepreneurs Need Constant Skills Renewal to be Competitive

Long-term business success relies on continual personal growth and taking a short term entrepreneurial course from a reputable learning institution will ensure that you further your skills in special areas.


Sticky fingers

Prevention is better than cure for workplace fraud

Theft from employees and associates can break a small business, so it’s vital to be vigilant and pick up the signs before things get out of hand.

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Zero tolerance

Protect your business from drunken employees

You might think that if an employee is found to be under the influence of alcohol at work it is a straightforward dismissible offence. Recent case law has shown that this is not necessarily so.


Draught training

SAB’s Draught Academy

Draught beer is an increasing area of focus for the brewery and they needed clever, creative thinking to raise awareness of quality draught beer amongst consumers and outlets.



Inter Hotel Challenge Promotes Mentorship

The South African Chefs Academy in partnership with Cape Legends, a division of Distell’s fine wine have launched the Inter Hotel Challenge aimed at promoting mentorship within tourism and hospitality industry.

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University of Stellenbosch Small Business Academy

University of Stellenbosch launches academy for township Traders

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) officially launched its Small Business Academy (SBA) this year aimed at making a difference to small businesses in townships.

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Skills Shortage

Addressing skills shortage in hospitality industry

The Tourism and Business Institute of Southern Africa (TBISA) says South Africa doesn’t have a properly trained staff within the hospitality industry and that can negatively affect local tourism prospects.