Township Trade

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Ten Essential Bar Stocks

Liquor inventory for your shelves

And what you get is a smooth, easy-drinking and perfectly blended quality brandy at a price that suits your pocket. Nothing more and nothing less. Net so.


New on the shelf

New Retail Products

Green veggies are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Broccoli is great for cholesterol reduction and, like many whole foods, it is packed with soluble fibre that draws cholesterol out of your body.

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Toasty winter cocktails

Perfect to drink and serve when the temperature drops

The Mint Julep is the iconic bourbon cocktail.

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Whisky 101 - World Whisky Day

How well do you know your whisky?

Whisky spelt without an ‘e’ is made in Scotland. Whiskey spelt with an ‘e’ refers to Irish and American whiskey.

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A New Dawn for Jozi Shebeeners

Town planning must keep up with the changing needs of our population

Outdated town planning schemes have not kept up with these changes and fail to address the issue of home businesses.

Elected members attending the GLF Leadership Development Workshop

Update on NTHA General Meeting and GLF Leadership Workshop

Keeping NTHA members updated

As an association of liquor traders, NTHA needs to keep members aware of what is happening and to also inform them about the future as to what will be the outcome regarding their business’ legal status.

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Win with Cadbury Lunch Bar

Upsize your viewing experience with a chance to win a 55-inch Hisense UHD TV every day for 55 days

To enter, simply purchase any two (62g) Cadbury Lunch Bars, Dial*120*777888#, follow the prompts, enter the last four digits on each chocolate wrapper, and wait to see if you are a winner!


Brand new beverages

The latest liquor products to hit the market

It gives you a fabulous energy boost to stay on-trend, whether you are out with your girls, on a date with your significant other or just having fun in the sun.

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Essential Retail Stock

Save big with Willowton Group brands

The group has taken the decision to absorb the one percentage point increase in value-added tax (VAT) for a period of three months.


Shebeen owners must also enjoy the right to trade

Refusal to hand over letters of local authority approval to shebeen traders is based on racist law, and is morally wrong

These set of rights are extended to all citizens, including shebeen owners or people trading in liquor using shebeen permits – which is a fair number of liquor traders in townships, at least throughout Gauteng.