Township Trade

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Essential Retail Stock

Save big with Willowton Group brands

The group has taken the decision to absorb the one percentage point increase in value-added tax (VAT) for a period of three months.

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New on the Shelf

New retail products to stock up on.

We have all been there: you are invited to a party and you are told not to bring anything. Then you are left feeling somewhat awkward when you actually arrive empty-handed!

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Winning Liquor Brands

Wine of the year,top honours and trophies galore for our best brands

The whisky was also the best performer in the category of Unpeated Single Malt Scotch of 18–25 years old with cask strength of 45% and more, to bring home a double gold medal.

Spaza Shop revamp

Make your spaza shop work for you

Cost-effective ways to revamp your space.

Shopfitting is known to be expensive, but there are cost-effective ways to keep your interior looking good without breaking your budget.


Shebeen owners must also enjoy the right to trade

Refusal to hand over letters of local authority approval to shebeen traders is based on racist law, and is morally wrong

These set of rights are extended to all citizens, including shebeen owners or people trading in liquor using shebeen permits – which is a fair number of liquor traders in townships, at least throughout Gauteng.

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Whisky 101 - World Whisky Day

How well do you know your whisky?

Whisky spelt without an ‘e’ is made in Scotland. Whiskey spelt with an ‘e’ refers to Irish and American whiskey.

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Tech Solutions

The latest technology for your tavern and spaza shop

Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy wine sealed with corks without feeling the need to commit to the whole bottle, allowing them to enjoy any wine, any ti

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Club 10 Tavern Reviews

Spotong chats to Club 10 tavern owners

I benefit from being part of a bigger brand. I have Club 10 branding everywhere, and my customers feel safer knowing that I am part of a well-known organisation.

Members of Tirisano, the Khayelitsha Home Sharing Club, recently came together to welcome Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs at Airbnb, to South Africa.JPG

Our township tourism treasure chest gets a major boost from Airbnb

Empowering townships through hosting

I just see myself as being a part of the whole world. It’s opened up so many doors and I can already see I have such a bright future.

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Attracting millennials

Marketing matters

According to Statistics South Africa’s Mid-year Population Report, there are approximately 14.5 million millennials in South Africa – or 26.5% of the population.