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Spotong chats to leading liquor traders


Owner: Thabisile Qwabe

Organisation: BVFBA

Location: 10619 Makhura Street, Ext 14, Vosloorus

How did you get into the tavern trade?

I feel that male patrons undermine me because I am a female business owner.

I started my tavern in 1995 because I knew that I could make it on my own by working for myself. I am a single mom of two boys so it was natural for me to start my own business to support my family. I built it up very slowly from scratch and I am proud of what it has grown into today. It might not be the biggest tavern, but I can say that it is definitely one of the more popular taverns in the Vosloorus area!

What challenges do you face in this industry?

I feel that male patrons undermine me because I am a female business owner. Luckily, they never get far with that thinking because my sons and their friends are tough and strong! They assist me when I am struggling with an unruly patron. Another challenge that I face is that the liquor suppliers don’t really support or help us tavern owners in ways that we need them to. We support their business so they, in turn, should support ours.

How do you prepare your tavern for the bumper holiday season?

I prepare well in advance by making sure that I buy all of my supplies in bulk before the holiday season hits. That includes as much extra stock of beer and other popular liquor brands that sell well. In that way, I am always fully stocked and my patrons don’t have to go elsewhere for the drinks, and it saves me the time of running around during the busiest season of the year.

Do you have future plans for your tavern?

Yes, I would like to add a few snooker tables in the near future as added entertainment for my patrons.


Owner: Elizabeth Shozi

Organisation: BVFBA

Location: 387 Buhle Park, Germiston

How did you get into the tavern trade?

I started my tavern four years ago out of the need to start making a decent living for myself and my family. It is growing at a faster pace than I thought it would and it is a joy to manage with the assistance of my daughter, Nthabiseng.

What sets your tavern apart from the rest of the taverns in your area?

My prices are good! I believe that you will retain your customers with good pricing and that has worked for me. My menu is a hit too. I serve tasty pap, braaivleis and chips daily. I also have a big yard for dancing and socialising and plenty of tables inside my tavern if you prefer to just relax at my place.

How do you encourage your patrons to drink responsibly? 

I have one rule that we swear by – don’t serve to drunk people – ever! Luckily, my patrons understand that rule and if they ever get out of hand, I have my two security guards who make sure that the environment stays peaceful and safe for everyone.