Be yourself with Jabu Stone

Why deny yourself the beauty of natural hair?

Twenty-six years ago Jabu Stone decided to turn his back on Western-style fashions and cultural norms, which were influencing and African people into losing their identities. He was concerned with the extent to which African people, both male and female, denied themselves the beauty of their natural hair texture by flattening it with damaging relaxers, perms and similar products.

Jabu Stone’s first business started at a very early age. An elderly man who was an acquaintance of the family gave him a used camera as a present. He was 14 years old at the time. While practising taking photos he saw a commotion at a nearby wedding. A couple getting married, who were unhappy with their photographer, noticed Jabu’s camera. They offered to pay him a fee to take and develop their photographs. This sparked a drive for business and this soon turned into a thriving small business, with Jabu employing other young men and equipping them with cameras.

It was at that point that Jabu’s mother imparted the following to her son: “Before people will buy your product, they need to buy into you.” Jabu realised how important looks were. He saw the potential in appearance and decided to learn more about business.

After completing studies in engineering and business Jabu started looking for a way to leave his mark on the world. While visiting his sister’s salon he noticed many of the women were burning their scalps and skin in order to achieve a westernised look. This hurt Jabu and he vowed to himself that his people should not have to suffer in order to look good.

Jabu decided to look into natural ethnic hairstyles. His research into dreadlocks revealed that the style was not a Rastafarian by-product. Rather it was a style as old as the people of Africa. He realised that our hair wanted to do this naturally. Jabu continued to look at the variations of the style all over Africa from the Maasai in Kenya to ancient Egyptians. His key finding was that westernised society had created a community that could no longer accept this style.

It was at that point that Jabu’s mother imparted the following to her son: “Before people will buy your product, they need to buy into you.”

Jabu believed that if he could find a more attractive way of creating the style he could create a door in the wall of an unaccepting population. Jabu had created the start of his legacy by building a brand, Jabu Stone.

Now in 2018, the styles that he embraced and loved, such as locks, braids, afros and twists are commonplace in South Africa. People are proud to keep it natural and express themselves through their amazing hairstyles.

The Jabu Stone Natural Hair Care range of products allows people to celebrate this natural look in a more refined way, by enabling the consumer to have control of their hair and style it in countless ways without damaging the hair. Jabu Stone comprises an authentic range of hair care products that celebrate nature’s finest ingredients and combine these to provide ideal nourishment and care for natural hair. These products include the Beeswax, Invisi Wax (a clear, non-flaking locking gel), a Hair Nourisher, a Moisture Treatment Shampoo, as well as the new Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner with Keratin and Provitamin B5. The brand also has a range of aftercare sprays, such the Braiding Spray, the Multipurpose Spray, as well as a lightweight Finishing Spray infused with Mongongo Oil and Vitamin E.

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