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The latest liquor products to hit the market

New Xcite Energy Cider with guarana lets your X-factor shine

The new gold standard for ciders, Xcite Energy Cider is made with 100% locally grown and pressed golden delicious apples and guarana fruit extract for a crisp, refreshing taste and a sassy burst of energy. Strutting her stuff with two juicy flavours, Apple & Guarana and Berry & Guarana, new Xcite Energy Cider has that vivacious sparkle that stands out in a crowd. It gives you a fabulous energy boost to stay on-trend, whether you are out with your girls, on a date with your significant other or just having fun in the sun.

As your passport to glamour, new Xcite is well balanced with an alcohol content of 5%. It comes in stylish shimmering 275ml glass bottles and 440ml cans; and will take you to the next level with vibrant, uplifting energy. So go for gold and release the X-factor within you with new Xcite, the guarana energy cider with attitude.

It gives you a fabulous energy boost to stay on-trend, whether you are out with your girls, on a date with your significant other or just having fun in the sun.

Available at leading stores, restaurants, bars and chic city hangouts. For more information visit

Mionetto, the world’s number one Prosecco, has landed in SA

Truman & Orange has added the world’s leading Italian sparkling wine, Mionetto Prosecco, to its growing portfolio. Following a tradition of excellence in craftmanship since 1887, Mionetto ranks as the leading Prosecco in the world. Its success is attributed to its beautifully delicate style, based on the gentle fruitiness and floral notes of the Mionetto grape which is grown in a protected area called Prosecco, close to Venice in the north of Italy.

Mionetto elevates any occasion with a touch of Italian flair and offers bubbly-lovers a taste of the Italian way of life. Available in three variants, Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut is a beautifully aromatic wine with notes of honey, black liquorice and acacia blossom, while the Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry is a smooth, crisp wine that replaces the liquorice notes of the Brut with an unmistakable apricot fragrance. The Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOC Extra Dry boasts inimitable aromas and flavours of green apple, acacia blossom and full-flowering wisteria.

Available in Norman Goodfellows. For more information visit

Truman & Orange launches Mazzatti Birra Superiore

Truman & Orange founding entrepreneur, Rowan Leibbrandt, explains the latest offering: “South African beer drinkers have historically been offered two types of beer: light, easy-drinking lagers or craft beers with their rich and often unusual flavours. Mazzatti offers the discerning beer drinker a full-flavoured, exceptionally made classic Italian beer brewed with more than one hundred years of history and experience."

Mazzatti Birra Superiore is a Birra Tradizione made at a 160-year-old brewery. Brewed using traditional Italian techniques and only the highest quality ingredients, Mazzatti beers are crisp and clean with a fuller, more satisfying body than mass-produced beers.

“Mazzatti Birra Superiore is a premium beer which will appeal to a sophisticated drinker looking for the crisp refreshment characteristic of Italian beers while also satisfying the need for a more full-bodied flavour than other Italian beers available in South Africa,” explains Leibbrandt.

Available in Norman Goodfellows and Makro. For more information visit

Le Chocolat Pinotage joins the flight of angels at Grande Provence

A new angel has taken flight at Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate with the launch of Angels Tears Le Chocolat Pinotage. This easy-drinking red wine is blessed with a heavenly twist of chocolate and generous splashes of ripe plums and red berry fruits.

The newest addition to the Angels Tears range, Angels Tears Le Chocolat Pinotage 2017 is a smooth, medium-bodied wine. It owes its seductive flavour profile to the careful use of well-toasted French oak during and after fermentation. The oak imparts rich toasty notes which lend wonderful chocolate and coffee flavours to the wine when combined with ripe plummy and red berry fruits typical of the Pinotage grape. Easy on the palate and great value for money, you’ll want to spread your wings and savour the angelic nature of this interesting new red. All Angels Tears wines are quality quaffers – ideal for everyday enjoyment, suitable for any occasion.

The Angels Tears wines are available countrywide. For more information visit  

MMI and B2C bring Peroni and Grolsch back, add a new gin

Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) and South African-based alcohol distribution start-up, Brand 2 Consumer Premium Drinks Company (B2C), have announced an investment deal bringing premium beer brands Peroni and Grolsch back to our shelves.

Peroni Pale Lager

Launched in 1963, it is the Peroni Brewery's premium lager brand. This premium, clear, golden-yellow lager is the result of the dedication to brewing of generations of the most qualified braumeisters. Brewed using the finest spring barley malts and hops, it is a refreshing smooth lager with a slightly bitter taste.

Grolsch Lager

Grolsch is the 21st-largest provider of beer in the world, and is enjoyed in 70 countries Its distinctive, full-bodied flavour is characterised by major hop malty notes and a rich golden colour with a somewhat bitter and lengthy aftertaste.

Greenalls The Original Gin

Greenall’s The Original uses the same secret recipe that has been handed down through only seven master distillers. This secret blend of 8 botanicals gives a classic London Dry gin with rich juniper notes, balanced with mature citrus and spice.

The inspiration for Greenall’s Wild Berry comes from blackberries growing in English hedgerows. These blackberries are combined with raspberries and infused with our award-winning Original London Dry gin. Luscious and juicy berry notes are balanced with juniper and warming spice to give a smooth taste and peppery after tones.

All three these brands will now be available at all major liquor stores countrywide as well as Pick n Pay and Game. For more information visit