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AB InBev has brought two Belgian beers, Leffe Blonde, the most popular beer style in the award-winning Leffe beer range, and Hoegaarden, the most awarded wheat beer in the World Beer Cup history, to South Africa.

Leffe Blonde is made using the finest natural ingredients and top fermentation brewing techniques.

“Pronounced ‘Leff’ with a silent e, Leffe Blonde is an authentic blonde abbey beer which is full-bodied and multilayered, with hints of vanilla and clove, and a slight bitterness,” said Vijay Govindsamy, the company's high end marketing director. It has an alcohol content of 6.6%.

“The perfect aperitif beer, Leffe Blonde pairs particularly well with red meat, vinegary dishes, ham and cheese.”

The naturally different wheat beer with a medium light body is brewed with orange peel and coriander, which imparts a distinctive, bright and refreshing flavour. It has an alcohol content of 4.9%.

Vijay said Leffe Blonde was best served in the iconic chalice glass, “which allows the essence of this beer to unveil its true elegance”.

Hoegaarden is the original Belgian Witbier, with a 600-year history. Hoegaarden monks have been credited with being the first to discover the unique recipe for wheat beer around 1445, when it was used to treat people with vitamin deficiencies.

The naturally different wheat beer with a medium light body is brewed with orange peel and coriander, which imparts a distinctive, bright and refreshing flavour. It has an alcohol content of 4.9%.

Hoegaarden is served in the iconic hexagonal glass. Legend says that the shape of the glass is derived from jam jars.  Back in the day, when you ran out of clean glasses you used jam jars, where the taste of leftover fruit was a definite plus. Both beers are available in draught and the 330ml bottle, nationwide at selected outlets. Visit


Hansa Golden Crisp, a bespoke beer designed for unisex appeal, has been launched by SAB.
Delivering a Golden light, refreshing taste, Hansa Golden Crisp is setting the stage with a world of firsts, according to brand manager Alet Eksteen.
Brewed in the easy-drinking style which has taken Latin America by storm, Hansa Golden Crisp is setting the trend in South Africa. Beers which appeal to women and men are fast growing in Columbia, Panama and Ecuador – including Aguila Light, Atlas Golden Light, Balboa Ice and Pilsener Light.
Easy-drinking beers are brewed with the essential ingredients of barley, maize, hops and water yet characterised by lower bitterness and moderate alcohol levels by volume of between 3.5 and 4%. 
These beers attract significant numbers of women drinkers, with more than half of sales for certain easy-drinking beers in Latin America emanating from female consumers who appreciate the essential natural ingredients of beer in an easier-drinking, less bitter style.
Hansa Golden Crisp is bottled in clear, flint glass, with an easy-to-remove, break-free bottle cap. It is brewed with locally grown ingredients and delivers a pleasant light citrus hop aroma, with a subtle yet lower bitterness, and a short finish.
This is SAB’s first beer to be packaged in a 290ml flint bottle as well as 300ml slender can serving size.
Hansa Golden Crisp is accessibly priced compared to mainstream and international premium beers and is available nationwide at selected outlets. Visit:

Introducing SA’s first super-premium gin: Brooklyn

In keeping with Truman & Orange’s consistently well-timed responses to consumer demand, Brooklyn Gin is the authentic super-premium gin. It is handcrafted one small batch at a time, using traditional artisan spirit-making methods and without compromises.

Explains owner of Truman & Orange, Rowan Leibbrandt: “It begins with selecting and preparing the finest natural ingredients for the carefully honed recipe. No detail is spared: juniper berries are hand-cracked. Unlike most gins, the eureka lemon, key and Persian lime, navel oranges and kumquats (so typical of Brooklyn) used are fresh, not dried. They’re then hand-cut to release essential oils and bring out the true essence and complexity of the ingredients.”

To experience its fresh, flavourful, complex taste, superb smoothness and long, clean finish, Brooklyn Gin is good enough to drink neat.

Brooklyn Gin is available at high-end liquor outlets across South Africa. Visit:

New Chateau Del Rei – easy-drinking bubbly in a can

Embrace instant celebration with the fabulous flair of new Chateau Del Rei, the naturally sweet sparkling wine, conveniently packaged in a can for any occasion.

Beautifully fruity and vibrant, Chateau Del Rei comes in a stylish can, making it the perfect companion for relaxed picnics, outdoor movie nights, open-air concerts or whenever you are in the mood for just a glass or two of sparkling wine. With its low alcohol content of 7%, this easy-drinking bubbly is perfect for outdoor living and lets you enjoy the fun for longer.

Crisp and refreshing, Chateau Del Rei is made primarily of Chenin Blanc grapes with loads of panache and charming flavours. A dash of intense Muscat adds extra fruitiness to this cheerfully sweet bubbly.

Available at leading stores. Visit

Fitch & Leedes launches sensational new Blue Tonic

Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic, the new blue-blooded mixer, transforms every G&T or vodka into a sensory indulgence.

Let whiffs of juicy blueberry and hints of cardamom entice you while the vivid blue colour adds a captivating twist to your gin or vodka cocktail. Fitch & Leedes understands that a G&T or cocktail is not only about great taste but should be pleasing to all the senses, treating true blue aficionados to a feast for the eye, nose and palate. Priding itself as the understudy to greatness, Fitch & Leedes tonics accentuate the botanical character and subtle notes of premium gins and spirits. The captivating Blue Tonic is delicately carbonated and finely balanced to ensure the best taste representation of what was intended by the master distiller.

The vibrant Fitch & Leedes Blue Tonic is the perfect companion for any upbeat sundowner session. It also hits the spot on its own over ice as a trendy alcohol-free alternative.

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected delis, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars. Visit

Introducing Opihr Ready to Drink Gin & Tonic Serves

Opihr Gin, the fastest-growing premium gin in the UK, has launched a trio of delicious Ready to Drink (RTD) Gin & Tonic serves, each with a different twist.
On shelves in all major retailers nationwide, the Opihr G&T serves are the perfect choice for those summer socials when the weather is too good not to enjoy some outdoor fun, thanks to their great taste and handy twist-off caps. No bottle opener necessary!
The range includes three flavours: Opihr Gin & Tonic with a dash of ginger, Opihr Gin & Tonic with a twist of orange, and a simple classic Opihr Gin & Tonic. All three serves have been paired with premium tonic waters, and at 6.5% alcohol by volumne, they offer the intriguing and unmistakeable flavour of Opihr Gin, with notes of cardamom and zesty citrus, followed by a warming finish of sweet subtle spices.
So whether consumed at festivals, when having friends over for dinner, or when casually hanging in the poolside, Opihr G&T serves are a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy the award-winning taste of Opihr Gin without the hassle of mixing. Visit