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Krone, home to vintage-only, handcrafted Méthode Cap Classique, on the historic Twee Jonge Gezellen estate in Tulbagh, has released South Africa’s first terroir-specific MCC: the Krone Kaaimansgat Blanc de Blancs 2016. Sculpted by the vintage and harnessing the intrinsic energy of the iconic Kaaimansgat (Crocodile’s Lair) Chardonnay vineyard near Villiersdorp, this single-vineyard terroir-specific vintage cuvée is rooted in time and place.

The 2016 Krone Kaaimansgat Blanc de Blancs expresses the distinct character of the 2016 vintage and the extraordinary 34-year-old high-altitude Kaaimansgat Chardonnay vineyard, located 700m above sea level deep inside a blind valley in the cool climate Elandskloof ward in the Overberg. For more information visit:

Angels Tears Red 2018

The latest release in this range of easy-drinking wines, medium-bodied Angels Tears Red 2018 is blessed with alluring red berry flavours. This fruity red is a blend of predominantly Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with splashes of Petit Verdot and Shiraz for good measure, all harvested from Grande Provence vineyards in Franschhoek. "Our Angels Tears Red goes down perfectly with meat off the braai, or just enjoy it in good company – it’s always a crowd-pleaser,” says winemaker Thys Smit.

Angels Tears Red goes down perfectly with meat off the braai, or just enjoy it in good company – it’s always a crowd-pleaser.

The Angels Tears Red 2018 is available at Makro, Pick n Pay and Spar among others and sells from the Grande Provence cellar door at R69 per bottle. For added convenience, the wine can be purchased online from Be sure to join the Grande Provence Wine Club for special deals and free delivery.

Jozi Gin

Jozi Gin, the perfect-for-everyone gin! Jozi, named after the city of gold, is a light, smooth gin blend with slight citric undertones made purely from locally sourced juniper beans. Currently distilled in Cape Town, it’s owned and trademarked to The LoCrate Brothers, a company founded by two young black Soweto-born entrepreneurs. Jozi is an easily accessible gin targeting everyone who enjoys gin, from the aspiring youth who relate to the price point to the upper gin drinker who’ll enjoy it for its smooth taste. It’s best enjoyed with tonic, some lime and rosemary. Other ways to enjoy it depending on your taste profile would be neat with ice, with orange juice or with lemonade. The recommended retail price is R150, making it accessible to everyone. By no means is Jozi a craft gin, it’s an easily accessible gin of the highest quality. For more information visit:

Madala’s Gold

This double-award winning beer is a connoisseur’s experience of the Belgium triple hop speciality. The nose of this beer has distinct smells of bubblegum, banana and candy floss and is created by blending hops to attain a complex subtle flavour. This golden strong/blond is brewed for those beer lovers who want a bit extra.

Mountain Brewing Company is a multiple award-winning brewery, family-owned and independent. Based in the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve in the Western Cape, their inspiration comes from their beautiful mountainous and fynbos surroundings. 

Mountain Brewing Company believes in using the highest quality ingredients for their outstanding beer, and they have been awarded 11 national medals for their beers.

For more information visit:

Vibrant TOKARA Sauvignon Blanc is summer in your glass

Summertime calls for a crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc and TOKARA’s new 2019 vintage is sure to hit the spot.

The just-released TOKARA Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is a blend of fruit from prime TOKARA vineyards in Stellenbosch and Elgin representing an intriguing spectrum of the Sauvignon Blanc flavour profile. 

This is the perfect Sauvignon Blanc for a hot summer’s day on its own or with grilled chicken, fish and fresh oysters.

TOKARA Sauvignon Blanc 2019 is available at leading wine outlets countrywide. For more information visit

Umoja Adds Innovation to SA’s Umqombothi Heritage

Umoja Beer Powder looks set to give beer brewers more options as they face the time pressures of modern life.

‘Umqombothi plays a huge role in African spiritual life,’ says Maanda Mphaphuli, Sales Executive at Sorgho, the company behind Umoja Beer Powder and Umoja Sorghum Malt. ‘The preparation of the beer is as important culturally as the drinking of it. Because our company supplies some of the key ingredients, we’ve been at the heart of this uniquely South African experience for over twenty-six years. It’s been a great journey.’

Sorgho has manufactured and supplied high-quality sorghum malt to the local food and beverages industry since 1993. One of only two industrial maltings companies in the country, Sorgho recently brought innovation to the age-old tradition of African beer brewing with its launch of Umoja Beer Powder, a product which dramatically reduces the time it takes to produce umqombothi.

‘Our lives are always changing,’ says Mphaphuli. ‘Obviously in an ideal, traditional world families love to go through the full umqombothi process, and to enjoy it over several days. Umoja Sorghum Malt has always been at the heart of this, and still will be. But the reality for many people who live in cities and have demanding lives and careers is that they are only able to gather over short time periods, like weekends. Time is especially precious when family members live in different parts of the country and must travel long distances. In these situations, Umoja Beer Powder allows the brewing process to happen in 24 hours, which can be a real blessing.’

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition now in SA

Irish Distillers, producer of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, has unveiled Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition in South Africa, a new extension to the innovative Caskmates range of whiskeys finished in beer-seasoned barrels. 

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition is the next chapter of a story that began in 2013 when Brian Nation, Master Distiller in Midleton Distillery, and Dave Quinn, Master of Whiskey Science, met Franciscan Well Founder and Head Brewer, Shane Long, in a local Cork bar. The Midleton masters agreed to loan some Jameson casks to the brewery to discover their influence on Irish stout and when the stout-seasoned barrels were returned to Midleton Distillery, Dave Quinn re-filled them with Jameson Irish whiskey – a finishing process that created Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition.

Having previously hit it off with stout, the Midleton team were curious to try a new beer buddy, and after much exploration discovered that a zesty Irish Pale Ale from Eight Degrees Brewing was the perfect partner for Jameson’s smooth character. With the creation of Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition the Midleton Masters have developed the ideal whiskey to enjoy on the rocks, with tonic or alongside your favourite local craft IPA to further reveal the notes of hops and citrus brought by the IPA finish. For more information visit: