Brand New Beverages

The latest liquor products to hit the market


Absolut has launched Absolut Grapefruit, a refreshing new flavour to its citrus range.  The new edition has a truly refreshing taste and is naturally fruity with a distinct note of pink grapefruit, no added sugar and a well balanced natural sweetness. 

Absolut Grapefruit is the latest in a long line of citrus flavours, coming in a frosted bottle, and is part of Absolut’s long-standing heritage of creating high-quality products with natural flavours and no added sugars. 

Say hello to the new G&T - Grapefruit and Tonic. It's the best way to enjoy refreshing Absolut Grapefruit - served over ice, with a slice of real grapefruit and tonic, creating a fun and fruity twist on the classic. 

Absolut Grapefruit is available at all good retailers and bars nationwide. Visit:

Now there is something for everyone with the crisp and refreshing new Dry, and delightful Semi-Sweet Rosé strutting their stuff next to the original sweet Chateau Del Rei.

Chateau Del Rei bubbly in a can – now three times the party

Chateau Del Rei, the stylish sparkling wine in a can, introduces two new bubblies this summer - because all good things come in threes. 

Now there is something for everyone with the crisp and refreshing new Dry, and delightful Semi-Sweet Rosé strutting their stuff next to the original sweet Chateau Del Rei.

New kid on the block Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Dry is an invigorating bubbly. Made in a brut style of predominantly Chenin Blanc grapes, this fresh and fruity sparkler loves the company of sushi, oysters and poached salmon.

Vivacious Chateau Del Rei Sparkling Semi-Sweet Rosé is perfect for summer sipping. This lively blend of Muscat, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage with its seductive rosy complexion hits the spot with picnic-style lunches and light salads.

If you are a live-for-the-moment trendsetter, these effervescent bubblies are your perfect fit. Best served chilled, be sure to keep a few cans of your favourite Chateau Del Rei in the fridge for when your friends come over. 

Available at leading stores at around R74.99 for a six-pack or R13.99 per trendy 250ml can.


Red Bull Coconut Edition is back!

Red Bull is bringing back the Red Bull Coconut Edition; a tropical and fruity take on the classic Red Bull Energy Drink.

The Coconut Edition was first introduced in 2018 as a limited-edition summer release and now returns as a permanent placement on store shelves.

Offering the same functional benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Coconut Edition provides the wings needed for that last-minute study session, a long drive to that well-deserved holiday, and the summer season ahead. It’s no coincidence that evenings to remember usually start with a cold can of Red Bull.

It has an initial coconut taste profile, which then blooms into a fruity açai and blueberry finish that’s fresh and tropical. Packed full of flavour, it will begin hitting shelves just in time for the warmer summer days ahead.

Red Bull Coconut Edition is available in 250ml cans and available for purchase at various locations across the country. Visit to learn more.

Introducing Fat Bastard Chenin Blanc 2018, a sumptuous sip of sunshine

This gorgeous Chenin Blanc was blended from a selection of the best wine from the year’s ripe harvest. From the start, the aim was to produce a Chenin Blanc with intense fruit flavours and complex character utilising quality grapes. All the fruit was harvested in the early hours and the juice pressed while the grapes were still cool to help retain aroma and flavour.

As lively as a golden ray of sunshine, it all comes together in that very first sip: juicy yellow peach and a hint of vanilla dance across the palate and the wine lingers with a tangy note of fresh lime on the finish. For more information visit:

Vriesenhof Vineyards release new wines for a new decade

Time for a change? Vriesenhof Vineyards is getting in the mood for the new decade by releasing a full line-up of new vintages across its award-winning range.

Vriesenhof’s newly released vintages are the Unwooded Chardonnay 2018, Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2016, Grenache Rose 2019, Pinot Noir 2018, Grenache 2018, Grenache Syrah Mourvedre (GSM) 2017 and the flagship red blend, Kallista 2016.

These wines were made in a more fruit-driven style, with the introduction of a larger percentage of new oak, according to Vriesenhof winemaker Nicky Claasens. “These are elegant and fruit-driven wines which have a solid structure that will evolve beautifully over time,” he said. For more information visit:

Roodeberg launches new Reserve wine in a stylish wooden crate

Roodeberg, the legendary South African classic, has launched a Reserve red blend in a stylish wooden wine crate.

A newcomer to the South African wine scene, Roodeberg Reserve 2017 was previously only available in selected international markets.  The decision to expand Roodeberg Reserve’s availability also to local wine lovers is one of the highlights of Roodeberg’s 70th-anniversary celebrations.

“This refined wine bursts with red plum, blueberries, crushed herbs and tobacco leaf. Hints of dark chocolate and oak rise from the glass while the silky soft tannins complement the intricate layers,” says winemaker Louwritz Louw, who enjoys the wine with hearty meat casseroles and game dishes.

Meticulously crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon (48%), Shiraz (23%), Tempranillo (12%), Petit Verdot (7%), Petit Sirah (4%) and splashes of Cabernet Franc (3%), Merlot (2%) and Malbec (1%), the wine was matured for 18 months in a combination of new, second and third-fill French oak barrels.

The Roodeberg Reserve 2017 is available at selected Pick n Pay stores nationwide at R149.99 per bottle. For more information visit:

Award-winning Bloedlemoen Gin introduces Bloedlemoen Amber

Just in time for endless summer days, Bloedlemoen Gin has added a new variant to its collection. Bloedlemoen Amber, now available nationwide at all good liquor stores, is made with the same ten botanicals as the Classic, along with an exclusive selection of locally forged fynbos and honeybush to create a perfectly-balanced, unique gin infusion.

Bloedlemoen Gin was conceptualised in 2015 by sommelier Pierre Strydom, chef Mike Jones and winemaker Stefan Coetzee. The South African trio wanted to create a gin that is deliciously refreshing, while layered with the warmth of extraordinary spices. The answer came in developing a recipe that balances spices – grains of paradise, coriander, cassia bark, nutmeg, liquorice root and cardamom – with classic gin botanicals juniper and angelica root and then adding local flavour, tarocco blood orange and orange peel, as a unique twist.

Bloedlemoen is the first blood orange gin in the world and the fruit is locally sourced from growing partners in the Cape. It’s a contemporary, London Dry-style gin distilled using ten botanicals through a combination of maceration and vapour infusion.  The result is a premium, small-batch gin that cuts no corners when it comes to quality and consistency, despite its humble beginnings.  For more information visit: