Branding Tips for Township Traders

Attracting (and keeping) new customers

Many township businesses that once dominated have battled to move with the times. And those that have managed to thrive, have had to face battles in competing with new businesses. These newbies manage to grab the buying power of the 21st-century customer through branding and experiential brand activations. Customers are more interested in spending their money at a business that fits a certain profile. The reason why these businesses do well has everything to do with their overall branding – from inside and out.

Whether we like it or not, people judge a book by its cover. The same applies to township businesses. If the place looks inferior and undesirable from the outside, the chances of regular customers will not happen and this will cost your business dearly. Attracting new customers and keeping them is imperative to sustain any business.

Branding plays a very important role in any business, from how you position your outside signage to how you display your products and prices. Things such as a simple display can affect your sales, either negatively or positively. And my guess is that you want the latter.

Whether we like it or not, people judge a book by its cover. The same applies to township businesses.

Before you decide to spend your profits on an entirely new look, take the following into consideration.

Who are your customers?

Knowing who buys from you will go a long way. The look and feel of your spot will be highly influenced by your market – from the overall look outside, how you display your products, the type of products on your shelves to your special offers. An easy way to determine who your customers are is to notice their buying habits and behavioural patterns, such as the time of day or night that they frequent your business.


Some establishments are on main roads where branding opportunities are endless. The main road is a gold mine in that everyone uses it, so the chances of them seeing you are much higher than if you were located away from a main route. However, if you are not positioned on or near a main road, you can still get creative with your branding by having a presence with directional signs and promotional specials on routes that potential customers will use before they reach your location. Study the routes that are frequented by traffic and when branding in these areas, make sure to get the proper permits and permissions first.


This will help you, should you feel the need to approach a regular supplier who supplies your top-selling drinks or products. Suppliers are keen to help their customers with branding, provided that you are willing to meet their terms, which subsequently brings value to you as a customer and strengthens your relationship with them. A supplier can offer branding with a theme around the top-selling drink or product, and offer branded materials to display. With this type of business relationship with your suppliers, you will be saving and making money.

Who is your main competitor?

What has your main competitor done differently in terms of branding? Do not copy them, but try to figure out exactly what works for them and what doesn’t so as to find a gap from a branding perspective. You do not want to look like them or be like them; however, be better than them in your own unique way.

These are just some of the key things to consider and to consistently implement to make your branding work for you. Good luck!