Youth Day 2021 - Let's encourage our youth to start enterprises

A New Youth Entrepreneurship Program Launches in South Africa

The Junior Chamber International World Congress South Africa has launched a new youth entrepreneurship program in South Africa, the JCI BIZHUB Program. The program aims to create a community of sustainable Small Medium Enterprises addressing prevalent economic issues in society such as unemployment. The JCI BIZHUB Program is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Junior Chamber International World Congress South Africa to curb the high youth unemployment figures in South Africa.

Young people should be at the forefront of youth issues. The youth unemployment rate in this country is an outcry for us to not wait on anyone to save us. We need to use the platforms that exist to create employment, to empower each other and to solve our problems. This is why JCI is the platform of choice for me where we get to put heads together globally and get to act locally - 2021 JCI South Africa National President - Silindile Mbaza

COVID-19 has seen the unemployment rate skyrocket and communities sinking in poverty.  The JCI BIZHUB Program encourages the youth to start their enterprises and equip them with tools to remain open so that they contribute towards the economic development of the country and their communities. While the program is youth-centric, older citizens are also encouraged to participate. The aim is to ensure that every business that exists is sustainable enough to create employment and economic growth in the country.

Young people should be at the forefront of youth issues. The youth unemployment rate in this country is an outcry for us to not wait on anyone to save us.

The JCI BIZHUB Program’s key areas of focus for the program includes Exclusive Business Development Training, Entrepreneurship 101 Webinars (Winning Formulae - StartUp), Inter Business Networking and Advertising amongst the SMEs, Offer Compliance services (Registrations, BEE certificates, TCC, CSD Registrations, and Industry Registrations) and Experts Tips & Quotes.

The world is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution has resulted in a shift in a number of industries globally, and at times adversely affecting employment opportunities. As young people we are not immune to the impact of all these changes, and to remain relevant locally and internationally, we cannot afford to keep doing things in the same way and expecting different results. The unemployment rate in our country (which keeps increasing year on year) is an indicator that something has to change. As young people we need to be at the forefront of leading the change in all sectors that we find ourselves in, advocating for an environment that enables small businesses to thrive and an education system that prepares the youth to create sustainable businesses which in turn enables us to create sustainable jobs for the future - 2021 JCI World Congress Director - Simphiwe Zuma

The JCI BIZHUB Program is also one of the programs building up to the 2021 Junior Chamber International World Congress taking place from the 16th to the 20th of November 2021. 2021 Junior Chamber International World Congress will be a hybrid event attended by about 500 delegates onsite at the Sandton Convention Centre and a targeted 20,000 delegates virtually from more than 100 countries.

SA has the highest rate of youth unemployment in the world. This number rises to 74,7% when one includes the people who have given up looking for work. Only 1 in 4 members of the youth in SA are employed. There are not enough jobs to go around and also not enough skills. Young people must be capacitated to start their own businesses as small businesses are the engine of job creation. It needs to be easier and cheaper to obtain degrees and diplomas in South Africa and barriers to employment must be removed where people are employed in many cases only because of having a close relationship with the employer -2021 JCI South Africa National Secretary General - Michael Shackleton

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