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High Profit Draught Beer

A barman pouring draught beer.

Draught is the freshest beer you can buy, which is why it’s in great demand. But, before you rush out and order draft machines for your tavern, you must understand the science behind draught.

Donald Makhafola asks Travers Shaw, MD of DDS,some important questions that every tavern owner should know.

DDS is a specialist dispensing and refrigeration service provider to the beverage industry.The company has been servicing more than 5 000 pubs, restaurants and retail stores both locally and abroad. South African Breweries (SAB) is one of their clients.

Draught is the freshest beer you can buy, which is why it’s in great demand. But, before you rush out and order draft machines for your tavern, you must understand the science behind draught.

Do you have a beer dispenser that is suitable for a particular business operation?

Every business is unique in its dispenser requirement as there isn’t a “one solution fits all” measurement. It all depends on space, volume and service offering. But, 99% of the time, there is a suitable solution.

What are the requirements for pubs or taverns to buy and install beer dispensers?

Before a dispenser can be installed, the following things need to be agreed upon: minimum volume;pricing; promotion; and a commitment to quality. The technical requirements are space for the dispenser, space for the draught font and most importantly the willingness of the owner to promote draught beer as his best offering.

Why do you think is important for pubs and restaurants to useyour service?

Draught beer lines have to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteriabuild up. If this does not happen, then the beer will be spoilt. The last thing a pub should ever do is cut costs by not cleaning their lines properly. Apart from cleaning, DDS also offers a full callout service should anything go wrong with the draught installation. We have technicians on standby, ready and waiting, to solve the problem.

What are advantages of installing this equipment in taverns, particularly in the townships?

Simply, there is no better way to serve cold beer. It also offers the best profit margins for potential publicans (a person who owns a tavern or pub).

What motivated you to venture into this business?

On a personal level, it was a love of beer and people. The company itself was set up more than 17 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength — as has draught beer!

How is the market responding to your services?

DDS has spent many years building up a reputation for world class service. We are hopefully known as a company who responds quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Do clients show enthusiasm about the services thatyou’re offering?

Generally we receive feedback on our technicians’ job cards expressing thanks and gratitude for the service performed. And the most common feedback we usually receive is that our technicians are friendly, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

How is the dispensed beer/beverage better than bottled ones?

Generally, it’s a fresher productthat is dispensed at the right temperature and into a branded glass. You can’t beat that!

How cost effective is it for operators to useyour services?

The cost of our servicing is paid for by SAB. It’s part of their offering to publicans who sell their draught beer.

How profitable could this be for traders or tavern operators?

Depending on volume and price, draught is the most profitable “pack” a publican can offer.

What other values and advantages from your services traders can enjoy?

Our response times are extremely good with regard to technical maintenance.Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable with regards to draught installations and the outlet could save a huge amount of headaches and time.

How user-friendly is your equipment for the staff to use?

Draught training courses are offered for barmen, publicans and other staff members. The training covers the basics of a draught installation, how to operate the system, general fault finding, etc. The courses are very informative and should put any publican’s mind at ease.

What mechanism do you use to provide technical support to operators?

We have a Call Centre where telephonic support is provided. If the problem cannot be rectified over the phone, then one of our field technicians will attend to the callout personally.

For more information you can contact Travers Shaw on 011-6084730