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Tang Sour Apple

South Africa’s number one sours shooter, Tang is a great-tasting sour shooter that is best enjoyed ice-cold as a shooter or in an apple martini. Since the explosion of the original Tang Sour Apple, an even more wicked sweet-and-sour sensation was incited, called Tang Bite, and more recently, Tang Cherry was launched to accelerate the fun to red-hot levels.

Black Bottle Whisky

Perfect with a premium tonic water and best served chilled.

Black Bottle’s much-lauded taste profile proudly wears its North Eastern heritage on its sleeve.

While the taste is now skilfully crafted from the worlds renowned Islay malts, the original blend was cut from the peaty bogs of the Aberdeenshire crofters and washed by the salty seafront warehouses where the Aberdeen fishermen docked. Married within these bullish tastes and lightening the blend is a Speyside sweetness known throughout the world for its delicate footprint.

These tastes combine to create a dram that makes no apology for its complex character and consistently tips a wink at its Islay cousins, remembering a time when the fishermen of the North East stowed a Black Bottle in their cabins for a reminder of home.

Drostdy Hof Extra Light Rose

A light blush wine with subtle fragrances of cherries and candy and hints of fresh berries, this pairs well with a midsummer picnic, a basket full of food and nothing but time.

Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple Spritzer

A favourite with the ladies! Indulge in this premium spritzer that delightfully blends a splash of zesty citrus with sweet apple and hints of spice, grapefruit peel and honey. Best served chilled.

Liberado flavoured beer

Liberado is a premium flavoured beer with a natural tequila flavouring complemented by subtle lemon-lime notes. Its distinctive packaging is designed to capture the edgy spirit and self-expressive nature of this brand in line with its catchy pay-off line, "Long live the free".

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey

A deluxe Irish whiskey-based liqueur, the James Joyce-inspired Dubliner is a blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey flavours. Perfect for sweet-toothed whiskey fans.

Robertson Natural Sweet Red

Welcome to a fruity and soft natural sweet red wine with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry flavours. The Natural Sweet range is made in its own unique way by blending varietals to showcase fruity and fresh floral flavours. This process leads to wine packed with natural sweet flavours that are low in alcohol and very quaffable. Fruity and soft with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry flavours. Serve well chilled.

Tafel Lager

Tafel Lager is a fine quality, smooth-tasting natural lager with a wholesome flavour and aroma. This beer has its origins at Hansa Brewery in Swakopmund. The taste can be described as the ideal balance between refreshment, flavour and bitterness, which makes it the perfect companion for any occasion.

Belgravia London Dry Gin

Belgravia London Dry Gin is a traditional London dry gin that is distilled with eight of the finest aromatic botanicals with hints of peppery spice, citrus and juniper. Perfect with a premium tonic water and best served chilled.

Autumn Harvest Crackling

Autumn Harvest Crackling is a crisp, semi-sweet, natural perle wine of excellent quality. With annual volumes exceeding 10 million litres, Autumn Harvest has a huge following and is enjoyed by all across South Africa because of its sociable image. It lives up to its tagline of "a harvest of good taste, a harvest of great times". If you enjoy entertaining, eating and generally mixing with friends then Autumn Harvest Crackling is for you.