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Now in a convenient, ready-to-use 350g shaker, add Top Class Spice Mix to any dish for that delicious flavour that your family will love. Sprinkle over meat at a braai, or over mealies, pap, potatoes, or vegetables and even add it to the pot to give your dish that special taste.


To thicken and add flavour, colour and aroma to all savoury dishes, reach for the new-look Imana Super-Sheba Stew Mix. While this is not a packet soup, it is specially formulated to be used in the same way that people use packet soup, as a flavouring and thickener for stews and gravies. It is concentrated and contains ingredients that cook instantly, so can be sprinkled straight from the sachet onto your dish just before cooking is complete.


Sprinkle over meat at a braai, or over mealies, pap, potatoes, or vegetables and even add it to the pot to give your dish that special taste.

Drink-O-Pop is an economical, sugar-free and preservative-free fruit-flavoured powdered soft drink that offers unbeatable affordability compared to other juice drinks – just 5g of powder makes two litres of pure refreshment. 

The great-tasting drinks are available in 20 fruity flavours, including: Orange, Cola, Mango, Raspberry, Ginger, Pineapple, Guava, Cherry, Crème-soda, Lemon Twizz, Iron Brew, Apricot, Strawberry, Apple, Naartjie, Peach, Lemon, Lemon-aid and Grape. Drink-O-Pop is versatile and can be used as an exciting ingredient to flavour yoghurt, milk, cakes and jellies.


Say goodbye to flies! The Ultramatic Fly Killer Eco Dispenser is a high-quality, affordable, basic aerosol dispensing unit providing the best space spray treatment option available on the market. Made from durable, chemical-resistant plastic – suitable for both insecticides and air fresheners – this is a great advantage that is not commonly found in other products. Easy to use and operate, you will say goodbye to flies in no time.


SA’s best-loved bubblegum brand. The heritage brand has played a role in the lives of most South Africans at some point in their lives. Chappies are particularly known for “Did you knows?” inside the wrappers, for the juicy flavours, as well as the bubble-blowing fun that younger South Africans love. Available in Assorted Fruit, Watermelon, Spearmint, Grape and Cool Cherry flavours.


Fizzers are a chewy, fruity and fizzy candy. An interesting fact about this candy is that its texture changes with the temperature. When chilled or at room temperature, the candy has a hard and brittle texture which “fizzes" when chewed on. When warm, the candy becomes softer and easier to chew on. It also loses some of its fizz.


A versatile cleaner and disinfectant, Jeyes Fluid can be used for a multitude of indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks, from neutralising odours indoors, killing bacteria in and around drains to cleaning and disinfecting pots prior to planting. You won’t have to worry about a thing because you can be certain that Jeyes leaves your garden, home and business spotless and germ-free.


A high-quality corn flour, Maizena promises perfect cooking results when making everything from cakes to omelettes. This product also creates consistency in gravies and stocks, thickens stews and sauces and ensures high-quality pastry. Maizena has been part of South African culture for generations.


Our special maas recipe makes Clover Amasi rich and creamy, smooth and more delicious than you can imagine. The secret lies in the way we make it… with love! Clover Amasi is available in a 1kg and 2kg pack. It’s simple: If you love maas, you’ll really love Clover Amasi.


South Africa’s original and top-selling multi-purpose ointment, known as “The Real Makoya”. It’s like nothing else. It’s so good to have around for lips, knees, elbows and skin. It is so useful; it’s like “the hospital in your pocket”.