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Make more by offering more

  • by Spotong
  • Nov 13, 2015
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It is in every business owners’ nature to look for ways to make more money. By introducing revenue spinners with new products and services, your business will attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back more often. After all, regular customers are the lifeblood of any business and the more value you can offer them, the more likely they are to spend money with you.

A broader range of products will drive sales and revenue

It is in every business owners’ nature to look for ways to make more money. By introducing revenue spinners, your business will attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back more often.

It is important to remember that these new products and services do not have to be in-line with those traditionally offered by your business. Instead, why not offer something completely different that is attractive to both the market that you already serve and a whole new market altogether.

Selling prepaid products offers your business an un-tapped market

One example of such a product is Kazang which offers vendors the ability to sell prepaid products. Kazang gives you a safe, fast, mobile and flexible way to accept micro-payments and sell prepaid services to your customers.

It is easy to target your existing customers to sell prepaid electricity, airtime or lifestyle content like DSTV and TopTV. You will also build loyalty with these customers because you are offering them additional value. Plus, being a Kazang vendor enables you to target a new market too.

Becoming a Kazang vendor has very little cost attached to it. It requires no shelf space, no inventory and no extra staff. This means that adding prepaid products to your offering will give you almost immediate financial returns. You simply buy the airtime and lifestyle vouchers at a certain price and sell it at an approved higher amount.

Capitalise by offering a comprehensive solution

Another unique and valuable way to offer customers more is by selling mobile money products like Reload Mobile Money. Giving your customers easy access to banking services in the form of a mobile wallet and Visa card provides an additional opportunity to make money.

You supply your customers with a way to purchase Reload Mobile Money in your store and they spend more at your store.  You earn from the sale of every Reload card as well as a percentage of whatever amount is loaded and spent on each card by your customers.

Make more by offering more

Today’s educated customer is hungry for value and, by incorporating these types of products, you can offer more value to your customers and reap many rewards as a result.

More about Paycorp

Paycorp champions financial inclusion for emerging markets

Paycorp has put access to banking services within easy reach of millions of ordinary South Africans, deploying sophisticated first world technologies in rural and peri-urban areas to make financial inclusion a reality for all. The company is now set to extend its understanding of developing markets throughout other emerging markets. Millions more currently un-banked and under-banked people will have safe, easy access to cash and payment services.

Charting Paycorp’s history it becomes obvious that two things are responsible for its unprecedented growth in the payment solutions market:  putting financial inclusion at the heart of everything it does, and the innovative spirit that has seen it pioneer products and services.

Being a South African-born business, Paycorp’s innovations have been developed in a market that bridges a sophisticated financial services industry and a developing economy. This dual-vision approach to product development is the strong foundation to the company’s success beyond South African borders – ensuring stable and safe payment solutions that work in challenging environments.

Paycorp was built on a single idea by its South African founder, Steven Kark, who decided in 1998 that ATMs should be located closer to the people who used them. After installing Africa’s first independent ATM in 2000, Paycorp has continued to create a series of firsts in this space including the first wireless communication ATM and, recently, the first solar powered ATM. To date Paycorp’s ATM Solutions has deployed more than 5000 ATMs.

The seed of Kark’s idea grew into the vision of financial inclusion for all. Under his entrepreneurial leadership, the company has introduced one innovative payment solution after another.

To make more payment solutions available through sub-Saharan Africa, Paycorp recently acquired prepaid vending solutions company Kazang and a majority share of Tutuka, which markets a broad range of card solutions in 5 countries.