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Shoprite launches Xtra Savings rewards programme

The Shoprite Group has launched a rewards programme for its Shoprite branded stores. The new Shoprite Xtra Savings card will benefit customers with immediate cash savings. It launches a year after the Checkers Xtra Savings rewards programme. More than five-million customers signed up for the Checkers card, which put more than R1-billion back in the pocket of consumers through savings and discounts in the last year.

Xtra Savings will in time become the country’s biggest rewards programme, reaching Shoprite’s 19.3-million shoppers across South Africa. It comes at a time when customers are increasingly looking for value after the lockdown restrictions have put household income under pressure.

Xtra Savings will in time become the country’s biggest rewards programme, reaching Shoprite’s 19.3-million shoppers across South Africa.

“The success of Xtra Savings is its simplicity and transparency. There are no points and no levels, it’s all about straight-forward instant savings on things you actually need,” explains Neil Schreuder, chief of strategy and innovation for the Shoprite Group.

Shoprite Xtra Savings customers will receive instant discounts of up to 40% off on everyday essentials (such as a saving of R22 on two packs of 2kg Sunlight washing powder). There will also be added benefits in the form of free airtime (for example, R60 free airtime when buying Pampers nappies), and additional savings on combo deals, which are applied automatically at the till.

Shoppers can sign up for Xtra Savings FOR FREE in under 60 seconds via any of the following channels: 

WhatsApp (add +27 87 240 5709 as a contact and say “Hi!”)
USSD (simply dial *134*569*CARDNUMBER#)
Online (visit

Xtra Savings cards can be used interchangeably at both Shoprite and Checkers branded stores, although they are only applicable to the respective brand’s promotions and discounts.

Lulalend increases SMME funding limit to R2-million

The nationwide Covid-19 lockdown has been a game changer for the SMME sector in South Africa. With a range of restrictions imposed and the resulting financial constraints, many small businesses have had to come up with creative solutions to maintain a steady income stream. All this while still delivering services and products to customers.

While many SMMEs are focusing on their operations and taking stock of where they can optimise processes to save money, Trevor Gosling, the co-founder and CEO of Lulalend, an online SMME lender, says that it is important that business owners and managers also use this time to focus on what they can do to adapt the way that they do things to help them grow in 2021.

“With greater acceptance of online services, along with a shift of public and private sector spending, ensuring that businesses are ready for any changes that might be needed to meet these changing demands is critical,” Gosling says.

“Regardless of how the lockdown has impacted businesses in 2020, it’s critical to begin preparing for 2021,” he explains. “While many restrictions are still in place, SMMEs should be using this time to plan for the future by evaluating what worked well and what didn’t. What needs to change in your business model, financials, and customer experience to be able to meet the changing needs of your customers?” 

Not only is working capital important to effectively manage the day-to-day expenses of a business, but Gosling says that strengthening current sources of financing enables a business to invest in and take advantage of growth opportunities as they appear, as well as respond quickly to any future changes that impact their business.

Access to funding is often one of the biggest challenges that businesses face in South Africa, according to a recent study by credit checker TransUnion.

Gosling says that Lulalend has increased its funding amount to R2-million. “With half of all SMMEs telling us that access to funding is their main barrier to both survival and growth, and with the costs of running a business on the rise, it was clear to us we could better serve the nation’s entrepreneurs by offering larger amounts of capital.”

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Get DStv Communities through your stokvel and savings club!

In the spirit of saving and building together, MultiChoice Group has launched DStv Communities. This new product offers stokvels and savings clubs the ability to use the power of the collective to enjoy the best entertainment together. With DStv Communities, customers can pay DStv subscriptions together, and as a group get discounts on subscriptions, earn cash and other benefits.

It's time to feel every moment, together. Visit now to enjoy great entertainment with earnings!

How does it work?

1. Sign up

DStv Communities offers qualifying groups the opportunity to sign up for each member’s choice of DStv package, make one collective payment and reap a host of benefits.

2. Make one payment per group

Rotational stokvels, burial societies, grocery stokvels, investment stokvels, social clubs and many other types of groups which meet the qualifying criteria may apply to participate. The savings group must have savings at an ultimate objective.

3. Get cash back

Once qualified and signed up, the group can earn rebates for all members, based on the number of active customers, the number of active days and the usage of value-added services such as BoxOffice rentals, for example.

Apply at

Engen launches proudly SA private label Quickshop & Co. 

True to its proud history of innovation and customer service, Engen has launched an exciting new private label convenience brand, Quickshop & Co. All products in the range are locally sourced and offer good quality at a great price.  

South Africans have come to expect constant innovation from South Africa’s favourite petrol station brand, which revolutionised the retail petroleum sector with the introduction of the Quickshop convenience store concept in the early 1990s, Woolworths Foodstop in the early 2000s and Krispy Kreme in 2019, among various other convenience partnerships. It also led with partnerships with leading rewards programmes eBucks and Clicks Clubcard.  

“Constant innovation is a key driver for Engen, which is why we are extremely excited to launch Quickshop & Co, our private label range which is authentically South African and offers exceptional value and convenience,” says Engen’s general manager for retail, Seelan Naidoo. 

“The range of proudly South African products is available at participating Engen Quickshop stores including a braai range, which many South Africans are already enjoying this summer.”  

The braai range includes the essentials needed for a perfect braai: briquettes, firelighters, sauces and spices, paper straws, serviettes, light and heavyweight foil, sea salt and black pepper, utensils, serviettes, water (sparkling & still), plates and cups, and a Birchwood cutlery range.   

Customers can choose between four marinade flavours – barbeque, spicy, sweet & sticky and sweet chilly – all of which are ideal for basting or as a marinade for chicken, chops, steak and ribs. The full seasoning range is gluten- and preservative-free, with no added MSG or food colourants. 

“Our authentically South African private label Quickshop & Co range offers exceptional value and convenience for our customers as well as recyclable and sustainable packaging. Research has shown that our customers are cost- and value-driven and we have taken great care to offer them locally produced products that are sourced from within each surrounding province,” adds Naidoo. 

For example, Quickshop & Co sparkling and still water (in 500ml,1L and 5L) is sourced close to Matjiesfontein in the Karoo. The area is one of the richest sources of pure mineral water because approximately 170 metres below ground are rock formations that naturally filter and mineralise water, delivering a pure, crisp taste with a silky feel in the mouth. This special spring is hidden from all city pollutants and contamination and is both delicious and nutritious for the whole family.  

Quickshop & Co briquettes are made from Namibian intruder bush, which is harvested to return grassland to its original state. Due to the properties of this invader plant, these quality briquettes can be produced with long-lasting burning properties and provide a clean burning braai with a wood smoke flavour. 

Some exciting plans ahead include the launch of the Quickshop & Co biltong, dried fruit and nuts range in February 2021. Look out for more great products coming soon, just for you!