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How to make a name for your tavern with cocktails

  • by Spotong
  • Jul 6, 2015
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Taverns all trade in the same product, so why should people come to your tavern and not somewhere else? To get the people to come, and to make sure that they stay for a long time, you have to do something more than serve up alcohol. Do something to make their imaginations come alive! One thing that works well is cocktails. If you create new recipes that spark people's interest, word will spread and your cocktail menu will become part of the legend of your tavern. Soon the magic of word-of-mouth marketing will have the punters beating down your door, demanding to be served with the tasty beverages only your tavern can supply.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

    Taverns all trade in the same product, so why should people come to your tavern and not somewhere else?
  • You are going to be successful, so get organised, eliminate dead stock, put the finest products where you can get hold of them easily and make sure you have enough inventory to ensure you can supply enough to meet demand
  • Come up with a signature cocktail that looks as good as it tastes, preferably with a special glass – this is the drink by which your house will become known
  • Infuse your cocktail with flavour by infusing fruit or spices into the drink to give the spirit an amazing colour and a tempting aroma
  • Don't forget about those who prefer alcohol-free creations – a non-alcoholic cocktail also deserves to be exciting, so that those who prefer alcohol-free entertainment can stay as long as their liquor-loving friends
  • Let everybody know about your cocktail – design a menu that goes with your décor and make sure that there is a picture of your new drink standing out loud and proud so that everybody who comes will be curious and want to try this sophisticated creation 
  • Take the opportunity to train your staff to be proactive, so that instead of asking customers what they want, your staff can make exciting suggestions, tantalising them with descriptions of a unique new drink that sounds literally out-of-this-world (they can do the same with the premium brands that you stock)
  • Every month you can have a staff contest to come up with the best cocktail recipe, with the idea of finding a special cocktail for every premium product that you stock, be it whisky, gin, rum, vodka, and so on – your staff will be motivated and work together in a friendly competitive way, especially if you find a way to reward their efforts with gift cards, concert tickets or similar things that provide an incentive to perform

We hope you will apply these tips and let us know of the results!