Lessons from cocktails

Mason's new range of mixed drinks has plenty to teach about business

  • by Spotong
  • Feb 1, 2017
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The official launch of Original Mason's took place on 14 December 2016 at The Deck Rooftop & Pool Bar at Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre. Mason's has transferred the growing global trend in cocktail consumption from the bar into an innovative range and brand of excellent cocktail spritzers.

Mason’s set up four bars to highlight each flavour from the newly launched range of ‘first in SA’ wine-based cocktail spritzers. Guests were served a variety of cocktails with the four Mason’s flavours as the base.

Cosmopolitan was served ice cold, with orange foam and delicate piece of orange rind in a martini glass, this was loved most for its bright pink colour and refreshing finish on the palate.

The official launch of Original Mason's took place on 14 December 2016 at The Deck Rooftop & Pool Bar at Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre

Pina Colada was served with a thin wedge of pineapple and scoop of Pina Colada sorbet then topped with a fresh cherry - perfect for the hot summer weather.

Mojito was muddled with blueberries and crushed ice, then served in a tall glass for a fun take on a traditional favourite.

Moscow Mule was served with a single large square ice block, dried orange slices and ginger foam – the fiery ginger flavour seemed to be the most loved of the evening.

High growth in alcoholic mixed drinks

The global alcoholic drinks market is expected to grow from $1,198.6 billion (2014) to $1,451.6 billion (2020), with a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 3.2% during this period (P&S Market Research).

There are growing trends and opportunities for alcoholic mixed drinks (AMDs), Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (FABs), Alcopops or Ready-to-Drinks (RTDs), as they are often referred to. Historically AMDs have been labelled as ‘cheap’, ‘artificial’ and primarily ‘youth-focused'. Despite this or rather because of this, AMDs are currently the fastest growing category globally within alcoholic beverages, besides cider.

The growing sophistication of modern day consumers and millennials, whose broadening taste palates are catalysing more adventurous and natural flavours, is creating opportunities for innovation within the alcoholic beverage sector. There is a shift towards aspirational brands that provides for a multi-sensory experience that can stimulate the curiosity of current trendsetters.

The following key market shifts, strategies and trends are inherently part of the Original Mason’s brand and its character and act as some of the driving forces behind it.

Authenticity and packaging power

Mason’s is a fusion between classic and contemporary. It is a relationship between sophisticated and sassy. It is the perfect mix between being you and making a statement. This inherent dual personality defines it as being an original among a multitude of other AMD drinks on the shelves today. The classic black and white packaging is clean and minimal, allowing the vibrant contents of the bottles to speak for itself, reiterating this duality.

Global taste trends

Its mixologists combined the global shift to classic cocktails and long-drink taste directions, with polarising flavours and fruit juice infusion to ensure a new mouthfeel experience that allows for a more premium and natural positioning.

Leveraging social media

The digital revolution has changed the way that brands activate and interact with their consumers. The ability to leverage social media and other communication platforms is levelling the playing field somewhat, by making audiences more accessible to up and coming new brands like this.

Increasing the market size

Targeting a new and younger generation of wine consumers with a sweeter and more distinctive taste profile of different fruits allows brands to pull younger consumers away from other alcoholic segments. Combined with the fact that home drinking increases steadily with age, it is essential that AMD producers formulate and position products in a way that is accessible and desirable to age groups outside of the traditionally favoured legal drinking age.

Mason’s is available from select Spar Tops stores in Cape Town. For more information, go to www.drinkmasons.com