Made at -2.5°C

The Castle Lite story

Castle Lite, the fastest growing premium beer brand in South Africa, has launched an extraordinary marketing campaign unlike any of its previous initiatives, aimed at educating consumers about the intrinsic benefits of the beer and its superior taste.

It’s no secret that Castle Lite is always served extra cold and, whilst the full recipe is kept under lock and key, the brand’s latest campaign reveals a few secrets on how it locks in that great tasting, extra cold refreshment.

Whilst other beers in the SAB stable are matured at -2 degrees, a critical part of the multiple-stage process, Castle Lite is uniquely matured at -2.5 degrees which primarily precipitates any haze causing substances and, secondly, ‘settles’ the flavours ensuring a consistent tasting and clear looking, ‘bright’ beer. This unique sub-zero lagering process ensures that the full flavour of Castle Lite is locked in, delivering the extra cold refreshment for which the beer and Brand has become renowned for.

The brand’s latest campaign reveals a few secrets on how it locks in that great tasting, extra cold refreshment.

Castle Lite created a fresh new TV commercial to officially launch the campaign. The commercial gives consumers a glimpse into the Castle Lite brewery and shares the story of how the beer is made, in an extraordinary way that only Castle Lite can achieve: premium, innovative, unexpected, and fun. The über-talented creatives at Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town were the masterminds behind the 30-second ad, which features UK based actor and choreographer Sep Dashti unlocking his dubstep moves in the brewery, on a custom-created extra cold set at the old Bus Factory (now called Market Lab) in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Castle Lite also gave consumers the opportunity to get involved and showcase their very own extra cold moves, through a unique and innovative activation experience combining point of sale elements, promotion, trial, digital components and social media. As part of their “Made at -2.5°C” campaign, Castle Lite dramatised the great taste experience of unlocking extra cold refreshment through interactive in-store and mobile Castle Lite booths, featuring a dubstep video game to be played and shared on Facebook, via Bluetooth or email, for the chance to win Castle Lite 8-packs weekly and the perfect innovation to keep those beers extra cold, a Castle Lite LED Cooler box.

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