National Tourism and Hospitality Association

Liquor traders join forces to fight crime

Founder of Liquor Traders Against Crime and president of National Tourism and Hospitality Association, Fanny Mokoena

NTHA was formed in early 1999, in the location of Meadowlands, with the view of creating job opportunities within the Tourism and Hospitality industry. It formed an informal association for women who were trading in liquor and food. At that time things were difficult as the crime stats were very high in the area and that led the station commissioner of Meadowlands police station to close down many liquor outlets.

The women facilitated a lot of meetings to discuss the issues of crime and the closing down of liquor outlets. Mrs Fanny Mokoena, who was a very well-known trader at that time, was one of the members present in the meetings. It is during these meetings, listening to the station commissioner’s intentions, that the women got really frustrated. Liquor trading was their source of income. They asked the commissioner to give them some time to see how else they could best resolve the problems and they were given 30 days.

During those 30 days, the women held numerous meetings and from those meetings NTHA was born. They came up with numerous ideas and solutions to curbing the crime and presented back to the commissioner. They eventually won the battle to keep their establishments running. One of the initiatives they came up with was a programme called "Liquor Traders Against Crime". They worked hand in hand with the police, reporting and preventing crime.

After a few months of the organisation running successfully, other police stations and liquor traders within Soweto saw the difference in Meadowlands as crime stats began to decline. A large number of liquor traders in Soweto and surrounding areas joined NTHA so they could see the same results in their establishments and areas. This was a Soweto-wide, successful initiative by NTHA. In 2001 NTHA was officially launched at an event held in Meadowlands. An executive team was appointed. The President was and still is Fanny Mokoena, Deputy Monde Dhladhla, and Secretary Mualusi Phosa.

Today NTHA has 24 fully functional branches in Gauteng. They assist their members to comply with liquor trading acts and codes of conduct.

NTHA assist their members to comply with liquor trading acts and codes of conduct.

As a member of NTHA, you have access to information and training that the executive teams source for their members. Programmes available for members include business management, first aid and fire fighting skills and assistance with licensing. You also get regular updates of what is happening in the liquor, hospitality and tourism industry.

In 2008 the NTHA was instrumental in the establishment of Meadowlands Tourism Development Centre (MTDC) as a non-profit tourism development and information centre. The centre was registered as a section 21 company in 2008.

MTDC has been working since then with the community of Meadowlands to develop and promote Meadowlands and surroundings as a tourism stop for the Soweto tourists.

In late 2012 NTHA was also instrumental in the formation of Ndofaya Caterers with a vision of minimising poverty and unemployment in the township through catering skills and also with the view of contributing back to the community. Mandla Motha, who is a professional chef, coordinated catering classes with 10 learners at MTDC offices in 2013. The 10 learners graduated on 5 November 2013 where they attained a basic catering certificate.

With the publicity the graduation received from various local media, a huge number of potential students came to the MTDC offices to inquire about catering. Due to the large interest, Maud Masiyiwa and Fanny Mokoena met with the late Mr. Johannes Kaledi a professional chef and owner of Tswellopele Catering and Hospitality Academy in Rustenburg. Next year Ndofaya caterers are excited to have almost double the number of students registered with them.

In January 2014 MTDC was accredited by Cathsseta. Ndofaya caterers currently has 24 registered learners who are on a learnership progamme of 12 months; learners will be accredited with NQF LEVEL 4 of professional cookery certificate.

NTHA is most proud of the assistance they give to the community on a day-to-day basis.

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