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New retail products to stock up on.

Exciting new Coo-ee flavours to stock up on

Just when you thought you’ve tried them all – introducing Coo-ee Peach and Coo-ee Lemon & Lime. Based on the highly successful launches of Apple, Litchi and Mango, Coo-ee maintains its promise to provide innovative and exciting flavours with the recent launch of its Peach and Lemon & Lime variants. For more information, visit:

Real fresh breath for longer with Clorets 40 Minutes

We have all been there: you are invited to a party and you are told not to bring anything. Then you are left feeling somewhat awkward when you actually arrive empty-handed!

Sometimes things take a little bit longer than expected, and you need to stay feeling your best. Maybe you’re meeting the entire extended family, are in a never-ending interview, are sitting on a packed flight or on that first date. With new Clorets 40 Minutes, you’ll have the confidence to linger longer.

Clorets has always been the fresh breath expert. Now, thanks to Clorets 40 Minutes, which includes Actizol™ with extra chlorophyll, you’ll enjoy 40 minutes of long-lasting, fresh, minty breath.

These active ingredients are scientifically proven to eliminate bad breath odours. Choose between two sugarfree mint flavours: improved Eliminator (Wintergreen Peppermint) and new Green Mint (Spearmint). Look out for the new packaging in select stores countrywide.

For more information, visit:

Kotex® launches All Nighter Maxi Pads

New Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pads were designed to maximise skin comfort, protect against leakage and fit the body perfectly. The pad is the longest and widest in the Kotex® range, and the extra coverage it offers ensures back and side leakage protection at all times. Women are encouraged to consider also using Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pads on heavy flow days of their periods. The extra length of the All Nighter Maxi Pad gives women that extra bit of confidence. So, don’t let your period stop you from living your best life, or from talking about what works and what doesn’t. Night or day, the Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pad offers you the ultimate protection.

The Kotex® All Nighter Maxi Pad is available in both Single and Duo packs at all major retailers across the country. For more information, visit:

Cadbury Heroes – the new product to bring for any social occasion

We have all been there: you are invited to a party and you are told not to bring anything. Then you are left feeling somewhat awkward when you actually arrive empty-handed! Cadbury has solved this social conundrum with Cadbury Heroes. Available in generous 320 g packs, Cadbury Heroes has everyone’s favourite chocolates in miniature variants, including Cadbury Lunch Bar, Cadbury Chomp, Cadbury Flake, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck.

For more information, visit:

Fab new Fanta bottle gets freshly squeezed look

Fanta is bringing a funky new look to its bottle – the biggest change in the brand’s history to date. The spiral bottle is an innovative and disruptive asymmetric design, reflecting the brand’s fruity, fun and vibrant nature. The bottle replaces the traditional bubble design with a spiral version that twists the plastic to form a unique, eye-catching shape, heralded by design groups as ‘super fresh’.

Fanta’s new bottle innovation is an example of how the brand is energising the portfolio of leading brands and speaking directly to the teen market. The new bottle will feature across the 440 ml and 300 ml offerings, and is available nationwide.

For more information, visit:

Add spice to your dinners with new, limited edition McCain Spicy Wedges

The new, limited edition McCain Spicy Wedges are the perfect big bite – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with a hint of spice. Made with only the best potatoes and with a seasoning of combined paprika and herbs, you can expect your taste buds to tingle. Everyone loves a good chip, but a wedge adds something a little different to the table. These spicy wedges are sure to have dad, kids and the in-laws coming back for more.

Next time you are walking down the frozen food isle, keep a look out for new McCain Spicy Wedges. Take the work out of deciding what to make on a Friday night and add a little spice to the mix.

The new, limited edition McCain Spicy Wedges are now available at all major retailers nationwide. For more information, visit:

Introducing Yumeee Corn Chips

Picola Foods is proud to introduce a newcomer to its corn chip range: Yumeee Corn Chips. They are available in three exciting flavours – Tomato, Chutney and Sweet Chilli BBQ – and offered in large 2 kg packs, 50 x 24 g bulk packs, or loose 24 g single packs.

For more information, visit:

New triple-charged Score Black

It’s South Africa’s first energy drink in a can with a UV ink logo that glows in the dark. New Score Black has a triple shot of guarana and a healthy dose of B vitamins to give you an epic power kick to keep on track all night. Being taurine free, it leaves you with a great aftertaste that fans have come to love. It also comes in Score Zero, a sugar-free alternative.

For more information, visit:

Utterly Butterly – great-tasting butter spread that spreads straight from the fridge

Utterly Butterly is a creamy textured butter spread, and is used in cooking and baking and for spreading. It’s smooth and delicious, light cream in colour and spreads easily.

A unique fusion of real butter, this natural soft butter spread is packaged in a 500 g original brick with a glossy yellow waterproof wrapper, and in a 500 g original, handy, reusable tub that is ideal for storing food and snacks, is microwave and dishwasher safe and made of recyclable material.

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