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Lunch levels up with Blue Ribbon

One of the country’s most recognised and loved home brands has given South Africans a whole new world of healthier options to keep taste buds tantalised and tummies satisfied. This year, adults and kids alike get to experience the same great taste with a healthier twist – perfect for the whole family!

Making life easier for the consumer is what Blue Ribbon does, so it's continually innovating and finding ways to keep consumer needs satisfied in a delicious way. Blue Ribbon Squares are designed for convenience and compatibility and hold an array of delicious fillings. Launched in 2017, Blue Ribbon Squares took the country by storm, providing versatility in both white and brown variants. High in fibre and ready-sliced, the better-for-you baked Blue Ribbon Squares make it easier to put together lunchtime favourites.

Making life easier for the consumer is what Blue Ribbon does, so it's continually innovating and finding ways to keep consumer needs satisfied in a delicious way.

This year, Blue Ribbon has added two new variants to its offering: Whole Wheat and Multiseed and Oats.

Blue Ribbon cares about the dietary wants and needs of our consumers, and Squares seek to satisfy these. These healthy squares are low-GI and high in fibre – so the lunchtime solution just got healthier!

Premier, a yummy South African favourite, has consistently delivered bakery innovation to households over the years. Containing eight slices per pack, Blue Ribbon Squares’ new variants makes life easier for families in South Africa to awaken their culinary creativity.

Blue Ribbon Squares are available in all major retailers across South Africa.

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New Clorets Citrus Mint to breathe out proudly

We all know Clorets is your ultimate confidence booster. Whether you’re about to be interviewed for that job you’ve set your eyes on or you simply appreciate the maintenance of fresh breath, Clorets gives you the confidence to breathe out proudly.

South Africa’s favourite fresh-breath chewing gum brings you an entirely new flavour and combo for you to enjoy: Citrus Mint with ingredients actizol and chlorophyll that actively eliminate bad breath.

“We are very excited to reveal our new Citrus Mint flavour. Clorets gum is a simple and effective way to freshen breath, which in turn boosts confidence in your day-to-day activities,” says Trushann Thomas, category brand manager for Gum SA.

A leader in its category, Clorets is the only brand that has been proven to not just mask bad breath, but to eliminate the odour, through its scientifically tested winning formula.

The new Clorets Citrus Mints will be available at selected wholesalers.

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Koo brings South Africans new iconic curry sauce flavours!

Koo, the country’s favourite canned food brand, has introduced a new range of curried mixed vegetables, in Durban Curry and Cape Malay Curry sauces. In line with the growing trend of meal convenience and the need for exciting flavours, Koo’s unique offering comes just in time for the cooler months that lie ahead. These iconic flavours aim to inspire moms and dads across the country to make comforting, delicious meals for their families.

As with all Koo canned vegetables, the latest Koo curried mixed vegetables in curry sauces can be enjoyed on their own or included in recipes to add extra flavour and aroma with the comfort of knowing that the vegetables bring added nutritional value to every meal. The Koo mixed vegetables are a source of dietary fibre, low in fat and choice grade, making them the ideal addition to any meal. Koo uses vegetables that are sourced from well-established farms with decades of experience. The vegetables are cooked in the can to help South Africans serve quality vegetables with all the goodness sealed in.

Koo is known as a rainbow brand for a rainbow nation – reflecting the flavours and tastes of our diverse nation from Bloukrans to Boksburg, Soweto to Sandton, Thaba Nchu to Mahikeng, Cape Town to Chatsworth and KwaMashu to Makhado. Koo is no stranger to families seeking to add South African flavour to meals.

The latest Koo curried mixed vegetable range is available from retailers and supermarkets across the country.

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Rhodes Quality introduces two new chakalaka flavours

Chakalaka is a uniquely South African favourite. Born out of the townships of SA it’s a delicious, spicy dish made with onions, tomatoes and often beans. It has been a staple at the family dinner table for generations and is usually served hot or cold, over pap, with meat dishes, with bread and more recently in favourites like stews, pastas and baked pies.

Rhodes Quality has extended its existing, convenient chakalaka range to include two new flavours: Chakalaka with Peas and Extra Hot & Spicy.

The new range of flavours gives consumers a convenient variant for any chakalaka dish they wish to make.

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Introducing WOW! Peanut Butter 

Look out for WOW! Peanut Butter, an exciting new brand of peanut butter with attractive packaging and a splendid taste, at national retailers such as Boxer Superstores as well as independent formal and informal retailers.

One thing is certain – South Africans love peanut butter! Pietermaritzburg-based family business International Food Group (IFG) is bringing this great new product to South African supermarket shelves and is confident that it will soon be a firm favourite.

According to Stats SA, 0.05% of every R100 spent on groceries in South Africa goes towards a bottle of peanut butter. Although it’s not easy to get definitive numbers, it appears that South Africans consume around 81 496 tonnes of peanuts each year! 

According to IFG director Mohammed Essack, this is a premium product at an affordable price and is in line with the company objective of providing South African consumers with products that can add value.

WOW! Peanut Butter is made in India (the second-largest grower of peanuts after China) in a factory that is approved by the British Retail Consortium, a trade association that oversees food safety for the UK food retail industry and has published stringent international standards for best practices for the food and manufacturing industries for two decades.

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