Noise: keep it under control

Take responsibility as a tavern owner

  • by Hazel Booth
  • Aug 13, 2015
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Taverns are, for the most part, noisy establishments with people laughing and talking, music being played and occasionally, live acts performing. And with the introduction of alcohol, the noise levels can sometimes get out of control, which can be a serious nuisance to your neighbours. So how do you stay on good terms with them?

Be aware of by-laws

There may well be municipal by-laws governing the level of noise permitted at your establishment. If you should be convicted of not adhering to those by-laws, you may be subject to a fine or imprisonment. Make sure to contact your local municipality to obtain a copy of any such by-laws so as to avoid any contraventions.

Running a tavern can be a noisy business. We show you how to stay on good terms with your neighbours.

Liquor sales

It is necessary to have a valid liquor licence if you are serving alcohol at your premises. Make sure your licence is properly displayed to everyone who enters the premises. However, partaking in too much alcohol can cause some patrons to get out of hand and create a disturbance. Train your staff to recognize when a patron has had too much to drink and to stop serving them alcohol. It’s better to avoid a difficult situation than have to find ways to handle an unruly drunk.

Dial it down

With regard to music, particularly live events, make it clear to patrons and neighbours that there is an imposed time limit on the party. Stick to set rules and patrons will soon learn what to expect. If the party starts to get a little raucous, take control and turn down the music.

Send out notifications

If you are planning an event or a live music performance, send out notifications to your neighbours in advance, letting them know what to expect and also inviting them to join. Let them know what time the event will finish and make sure you stick to that.

In short, you need to take responsibility as a tavern owner towards your neighbours and treat them respectfully. Make it a rule to operate your business without disturbing members of the community around you as far as possible. You’ll find it leads to good relationships with everyone in the immediate vicinity.