NTHA Tavern Reviews

Challenges that are overcome and taverns that stand out

Xolile Simelane

Kwamagogo Wethu Tavern & Kitchen

 Owner: Xolile Simelane

 Location: 5939 Ingonyama Drive, Ext. 7, Diepsloot

 How did you get into the tavern trade?

By default! My mom left her employment and took a package and we started a spaza shop with the money. We started selling cold cooldrinks, and our customers insisted that they wanted to buy cold beers as well. We then went to Makro with R2 900 and started buying our cases of beer and liquor. We didn’t know that we needed a permit to sell liquor. We were raided very soon after that, and we were so scared that we stopped selling. Our supplier noticed that we weren’t buying anymore, and he assisted us in getting a permit so that we could sell legally.

You must have a passion for people. Love people first and money afterwards!

As a woman, which challenges do you face in this industry?

We have a big challenge with underage people trying to come into the tavern. This occurs almost every weekend. The under 18s insist on being let in and when we chase them out, they wander around outside, and they carry knives and other harmful objects with them. They cause chaos sometimes. They target me and take chances because I am a woman.

What makes your tavern stand out?

Definitely the cold beer! You won’t find colder beers anywhere else. We guarantee that the beers are always cold, and we go out of our way to make sure that the beers are served at the perfect temperature.

What makes your tavern worth it for you?

I have a wonderful support system from my mom, and my customers respect me and want to see me thrive. If things do get out of hand, my customers will do anything to protect me.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming tavern owners?

You must have a passion for people. Love people first and money afterwards!

Buzy Corner Tavern

 Owner: Stanley Maluleke

 Location: 1325, Ext. 4, Sizanani Street, Diepsloot

How did you start your tavern?

I started very small in 2009. I had a few guys who would come and have a beer in my yard, and soon, more customers started coming in from outside. I resigned from my job at an electronics company after 10 years and took my pension. With that money, I was able to build a double-storey tavern.

Which challenges do you face in this industry?

It took me four years to get a proper liquor licence. I have a huge problem with unlicensed traders who sell from their yards and sell at cheaper prices. They open too early and close too late and don’t follow any of the regulations that I do. Also, legislation and pricing work against me. The suppliers make me sell at a certain price.

What makes your tavern stand out from the rest?

I make a point to close at 10pm, even on weekends and at month-end. Too much trouble gets caused after 10pm. My tavern is safe because I operate in that way, and my customers enjoy it like that.

Do you have future plans for your tavern?

My dream is to turn it into a takeaway tavern, where only food is consumed and no alcohol.

In which ways do you give back to your community?

Each year, I identify 10 kids from the Muzomuhle Primary School in Diepsloot who need assistance. I help them by purchasing school uniforms and school shoes and anything else that they might need for school.