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Reap what you sow with Imbewu Stokvest financial solutions!

Financial freedom has found new meaning in South Africa’s latest stokvel offering – the Imbewu Stokvest app. The app is an innovative way of modernising the homegrown, traditional institution of stokvels to meet the demands of consumers in the digital era. The Imbewu Stokvest app offers consumers an opportunity to get to interact with the status and progress of their savings at the touch of a button.

Powered by Kunene Makopo Risk Solutions (KMRS), Imbewu Stokvest is a product that vouches for clients to accomplish their aspirations by making monthly contributions towards their savings. Clients from 18 years and older get to manage their administration, monthly payments and claims on the app by using online devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Powered by Kunene Makopo Risk Solutions (KMRS), Imbewu Stokvest is a product that vouches for clients to accomplish their aspirations by making monthly contributions towards their savings.

The unique product is engraved in the spirit and values of ordinary South Africans, providing financial security in order to boost savings and make them more transparent and convenient for the younger, more technologically savvy generation. New research shows that more South Africans have moved to online banking during the country’s lockdown. There has been a clear move to using digital platforms in recent months, from purchasing airtime and prepaid electricity to buying data bundles and transferring money.

Current estimates are that there are more than 820 000 stokvels in the country, with a combined membership of 11.4-million people, handling over R4-billion a year. As the South African generation becomes younger, more technologically savvy and aspirational, there is a serious need to reimagine how stokvels are run in the country.

“Consumers are always looking for products that are trustworthy and provide transparent solutions for their financial needs,” said KMRS spokesperson, Bangi Makopo. “Imbewu Stokvest provides the security of knowing that the future is accounted for without tying yourself to societies.”

The product offering is the solution to many financial anxieties with benefits specially crafted for individual or group savers. The platform provides the consumer with a front-row seat view to their money as they get to see it grow.

After 24 months each member receives a payout calculated according to a specific plan. This is the same principle of any stokvel but the advantage with Imbewu Stokvest clients is that they have full control of their earnings through the year as there is no middleman. The offering also comes with an added value of funeral cover that allows clients to open it up to extended family.

There are three options towards the contribution that consumers can choose from:

Plan A: R185 with yearly payout of R1 080
Plan B: R550 with yearly payout of R4 560
Plan C: R1 250 with yearly payout of R11 430

How Imwebu Stokvest works:

Step 1

Download the app at

Step 2
Sign up on the app.

Step 3
Members then add their details.

Step 4
The membership will be active. Members get to choose plan option.

Member benefits:

  • Clients get to nominate their annual date to receive payment.
  • Stokvest payments are made directly to the member’s account.
  • Imbewu Stokvest funeral cover allows you to open it up to extended family.

Added value product:

Members will receive an interest (return of investment) as a bonus after 24 months of policy payments within 24 months.

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#ThinkOwnership with THUDmoney Franchise Stokvel

On 26 June 2020, THUD together with its partners, Palengo Holdings, Stokfella and Tefte, launched a new funding model called THUDmoney Franchise Stokvel with the purpose to set up stokvels in different markets similar to South Africa, using community capital as a funding vehicle into the fast-food franchising industry. THUDmoney aspires to own 100 fast-food franchise stores by 2026, all funded by the collective.

Since their launch they have raised R2 Million+ from two independent groups, each group made up of 100 people. They launched their stokvel during level 5 of the COVID-19 National Lockdown, a time of financial uncertainty, a shaky economy, and limited movements. The entire process took place on digital platforms, from mobilizing the masses to collecting the money.

Investments are a great deal for any small business owner and SMME's often miss out on opportunities in this sector because they fall short on some of the requirements for the funding criteria. THUDmoney stokvels are set up to take care of this underserviced group of people. The model works because it’s simple and they understand that connecting with people alone is not enough. If their relationships are not transactional then they are of no use to us as small business owners.

THUDmoney makes use of, a transparent digital platform where internal members are privy to all transactions happening in their stokvel group. The platform drives transparency across the board. They have gathered that for businesses to scale and be sustainable, it's more advantageous when they are part of an intentional community.

Stokvels have limitations and because of their informal nature, they are unable to use the money collected to buy into viable businesses. This is why all THUDmoney stokvels will be transitioning to fully-fledged co-operatives. A co-operative has the generic makings of a stokvel but is recognized as a legal entity that allows a group of individuals to participate in economic activities equally.

Their guiding mantra is #ThinkOwnership. We consume so much of the products around us that we should look into how we can own a piece of it - that’s true freedom. If you want to empower people, give them economic power where their voices matter.

New intakes are closed until the launch of two stores in 2020. Prospective stokvel members are encouraged to visit their website,, for updates on new investment opportunities in the future.