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The healthy way to create delicious dishes every day

Enjoy all of your favourite foods without sacrificing taste with the latest addition to De’Longhi’s kitchen appliance range: the Multifry. De’Longhi has created a truly innovative and versatile appliance, combining the features of an air fryer with that of a multi-cooker. It’s a way to keep all dieting tendencies in line, and to cook in a healthier way, thanks to its low oil frying abilities.

The Multifry cooks your food from above and below using its surround heating system. The system comprises of an upper and lower heating element, along with a fan, to ensure the best heat distribution possible, giving you delicious and evenly cooked meals, always. In addition to this, the Multifry is fitted with a mixing paddle, meaning that you are able to cook chips, stews, curries, and even a risotto – all without having to mix the food continuously yourself.

De’Longhi thought it all through by making the mixing paddle removable, which allows you to cook a mean steak, a perfect salmon fillet or even a pizza or cake – all directly in the light-weight, ceramic, non-stick pan.

The Multifry cooks your food from above and below using its surround heating system.

The Multifry Chef Extra is equipped with four pre-set food programs, which makes it possible to cook potatoes, pizza, cake or curry, all with the touch of a single button. Along with these food pre-sets, there are three cooking function programs which include oven, aero-grill and pan. There are four heat level settings and a timer, for you to cook your own recipes too.

You can even download the app from the iOS and Google Play app stores – just in case you’re in need of some inspiration and dinner ideas. Over 300 recipes have been created, all with a clear guide to using the Multifry to attain the best possible results from these recipes.

Unlike traditional air fryers, the Multifry is equipped with a large capacity pan, meaning that you can prepare meals for up to eight people. Cook up to 1.7kg of fresh potatoes with just one tablespoon of oil, or cook 1.5kg of frozen chips with no oil at all. The lid is transparent, which makes it easy for you to see the food without having to open the lid, in turn letting out all of the heat within the machine.  

This appliance lends itself to easy cleaning as all of its removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the rest of the machine can simply be wiped down with a cloth.

Besides the convenience of preparing healthy and delicious meals and the endless options of what you are able to prepare, De’Longhi Multifry will make a sophisticated addition to anyone’s kitchen, and will become your go-to appliance, every day! For more information visit: multifry.delonghi.com or communications.za@delonghigroup.com