Will you be doing a cheers with a beer this year?

Beer lovers from around the world will celebrate International Beer Day on August, 7. International Beer Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the art of beer, and was founded in 2007 by beer lover Jesse Avshalomov together with his friends at their local bar in San Francisco. They set up a website and the holiday went global, spurring thousands of celebrations around the globe and reaching millions of people.

The purpose of this day is to gather with your friends and enjoy the marvel that is beer, give gratitude to the brewers and servers that bring us glory in a glass and to celebrate beers from all around the world.

Celebrate this joyous day is by cracking open your favourite beer and enjoying it with friends and family. Be adventurous and try new beers or experiment with beer and food pairings. Alternatively, take a tour of your local brewery and get to grips with the intricacies of beer brewing. This could inspire you to start brewing your own beer.

Did you know that Friday, 07 August 2015, is International Beer Day? Let's all appreciate brewers all over the world for the craft and beer for its social qualities.

Originally celebrated on August 5 annually, the date changed to the first Friday in August allowing celebrations to continue in conjunction with weekend celebrations.

“There is an art to tasting beer,” says Danie Odendaal, SAB’s Consumer Science and Sensory Manager of Brewing. “Give your glass a swirl before taking it up to your nose for a cursory sniff – this heightens the beer’s flavours from aroma to taste.” 

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