Stokvel Community Indaba comes to Rustenburg this weekend

An afternoon filled with advice, knowledge, dance and recipes for stokvel groups

Stokvels have evolved over the years. Originally, traditional community-based savings groups to predominately buy bulk food and groceries, stokvel groups are now being created to pay annual school fees, buy property and even invest on the JSE.

Stokvels have proved to be a very successful alternative to formal savings but many aren’t necessarily maximising their collective saving power.

The upcoming free local Pick n Pay Stokvel Community Indaba in Rustenburg will engage and empower stokvel groups to take charge of their money and get more rewards for their members.

Entrance to the Pick n Pay Stokvel Community Indaba is free and attendees are guaranteed lunch and competition giveaways. Stokvel groups are required to wear their uniforms.

Taking place on Saturday 17 August 2019 at Tlhabane Hall, attending stokvel groups will have the chance to interact with various partners through talks, dance and competitions, and in the process, equip themselves to make the best decisions for their stokvel savings.

Stokvel groups can expect advice on how to save for year-end bulk buying season, group insurances and travel savings from various partners from the grocery, financial advisory and travel and leisure sector. Members will also be inspired with recipe ideas for creating meals for large groups and receive education on how to get more value for money using specific grocery brands. Furthermore, there will be a free tasting of recipes using local brands.

Kagiso Kola, Stokvel Manager at Pick n Pay, says: “We want to engage directly with stokvel community members. We want to understand their challenges and buying behaviours and help them manage better financially, providing them with helpful and practical information on how best to shop for great value for their money.”

This is planned as a comprehensive event extending beyond financial advice, so groups will also receive tips on how to exercise and keep healthy. Kola says they also want to deal with community social challenges, such as women and child abuse, depression and substance abuse. “We have invited people in relevant fields to speak to members about these issues as we know they affect members in their daily lives.”

In partnership with Absa, there is a Grocery Stokvel Account to cater for group saving for groceries or other store-bought essentials. With this, stokvels will earn competitive interest rates on balances of as little as R50, and spend their stokvels’ money safely and conveniently at Pick n Pay, where they will also receive further savings on groceries with the Stokvel Smart Shopper card.

“Through our Grocery Stokvel Account we have been regularly engaging with stokvels and it’s become clear many groups aren’t aware they could be putting their savings to better use. We believe there is a need for more collaborative sharing amongst stokvels to improve outcome”, says Kola.

“During the afternoon we want to encourage stokvel members to engage with the participating partners, but also amongst each other to share their buying experiences and success stories. By doing this we can all learn from each other and find better solutions to improve the benefits each member receives through their respective stokvel,” concludes Kola.

Entrance to the Pick n Pay Stokvel Community Indaba is free and attendees are guaranteed lunch and competition giveaways. Stokvel groups are required to wear their uniforms.

Pick n Pay Stokvel Community Indaba:

Date:                Saturday, 17 August 2019, from 10:30 to 14:00

Venue:             Tlhabane Hall, 2884 Malao street, Tlhabane Unit 1, Rustenburg

Dress code:     Stokvel uniform 

Entrance:         Free

For more information, send a FREE SMS ‘STOKVEL’ to 45117 and you will receive a call to further discuss the Stokvel Indaba.