Summer equipment

Beer looks best when served in glass

ANVIL deep fryer

There is no more trusted name in catering than Anvil. Increase your summer earnings by offering a wide variety of delicious fried foods. Add French fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and battered fish to your menu! Features include:

    Every now and again an establishment needs some enhancements and upgrades. We feature some items that could add that extra sizzle to the holiday festivities!
  • fits in tight counter space
  • pilot light indicates when elements are energised
  • lift-out, one-piece stainless steel tank with carrying handles for ease of cleaning
  • stainless steel wire baskets especially designed for optimum load
  • automatic cut-out at 209°C to prevent oil fires.

R3 999 from Makro

Ice buckets

Don’t let the heat ruin the party. With warm summer nights rolling in, keep customers happy by giving them plenty of ice to keep their drinks cool. Let the beers chill in this hardy, cheap ice bucket that will survive a few drops and plenty of crazy nights.

R39 from Makro

Pilsner glasses

Beer looks best when served in glass. Pilsner glasses sit well in the hand and look great, no matter the drink. Because they are unbranded, they are also less likely to get stolen by customers. And you don’t have to worry about the high cost of breakages at just over R2 a glass.

R27 for 12 from


Broaden your drinks menu by offering a delicious house punch or cocktail. Choose a delicious recipe and mix up large batches to be sold to tables. Send the jugs out, filled with colourful punch and decorated with fruit, and the orders for more are sure to come rolling in.

R6 for 1.3 l jug at

Spit braai

The smell of perfectly roasted meat and the sizzle of fat will certainly attract customers. Become known for your special brand of beef, perfect pork or crispy chicken with a spit braai. Make it the centre of attention, and enjoy the huge number of meals you can serve with just this one piece of equipment.

Features include:

  • comes with a one-year warranty
  • 1.2 mm stainless steel build – sturdy, safe and well-insulated for better cooking results
  • quality motor and gas burners for better results and longer life
  • designed by chefs for optimised cooking results of a variety of meats – includes U-bolts on the shaft for securing the meat without the need for messy wiring
  • ready to use – just buy the gas bottle and you’re ready to cook
  • range of accessories also available.

 Available for R12 225 from