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  • by Spotong
  • Mar 23, 2016
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Kariba Jazz Joint

Location: 22B/ 86 Matshaya Street Naledi.

Very attentive service; good beer list and a relaxed atmosphere.

"My location has really made me more hopeful as an entrepreneur."

One of our main interests to Mr Lenco Modjadji's joint was establishing which aspect of owning his own establishment he most enjoys.

[Laughs] It has to be the music, and our customer service level. Our music is consistent, it has proven to be a winner over the years. And it's also the friendships I have also formed over the years.

Which events have proven popular with your clients?

Social gatherings which happen on a monthly basis, as well as soccer matches that are huge crowd pullers.

What role has your location played in the success of your business?

My location has really made me more hopeful as an entrepreneur. The support from my neighbourhood has been overwhelming. The crowd here is amazing; we have quite a low crime rate as well.

What equipment would you say are essential in the operation of your business?

Televisions are our best bet, they are our huge crowd puller, especially with soccer games from time to time, same goes for our sound systems, and of course what's a friend's gathering without ice cold beers? Refrigerators are what makes our businesses, we can't do without them.

How do you feel tavern owners can encourage responsible drinking? 

Well, one of the most effective ways is to workshop consumers, but also to be very strict on not selling to youngsters or consumers who have already had too much to drink. One way is again sticking to recommended operational trading hours. 

Wozobona Cultural House

Location: 976a Phiela Street, Orlando East.

Art elevates any space.

The place oozes sophisticated tradition that is both a throwback to a bygone era while maintaining its post-millennial relevance in an unquestionable way. Local performers will serenade tourists with beats that soothe, making you want to sing out loud to a tune unfamiliar to you.

The first question we posed to the owner of the place, Mrs Linda Dlamini, was how long has she been in business. 

It has been a year.

In what ways are you giving back to the community?

For now, I have a small group of traditional dancers who I mentor. I train them to perfect their craft. This dancing is however not something we only perform for tourists; it's something the local community appreciates too. The entire experience just becomes so delightful.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start their own business?

Beginners should know that, no matter how complex the entrepreneurial journey can get in the beginning, solutions are numerous. If they you just be hungrier for your goals, passionate and innovative with your ideas, they will become within reach. Marketing is essential, you need to do a lot of it a lot of times.

What role has your location played in the success of your business?

Firstly, experience with tourism attraction has taught me that the significance of a historic street name goes a long way. We take a lot of pride in our local soccer club Orlando Pirates. The street has birthed a lot of renowned names too, such as James "Sofasonke" Mpanza who was born in 1889. Mpanza was founder and leader from the mid-1940s of the Sofasonke Party of Orlando township, Johannesburg, and a crusader for better housing for Johannesburg's Africans.

What for you is the most important factor when it comes to hiring staff?

Shared passion. They should be passionate about arts and culture too. They should have a passion for making each tourist's tour unforgettable, and to offer excellent service which should include our trademark excellent food.

Monde's Enterprise (Spaza shop)

Location: 4220 Zone 4, Khomo Street, Pimville.

Popular neighbourhood stop for your sweet tooth!

We asked Mr Monde Dhladhla how long has he been in business.

It has been 19 years, since 1996.

What advice would you give people wanting to start their own business?

I would advise that people have their very clear business plans in check first. Second and most essential, comply with SARS and have a business account.

How do you handle difficult clientele?

My staff and I listen and let the customers vent, this is one way of showing that we care. We try to solve the problem, or get someone who can.

In what ways are you giving back to the community?

In several ways. Firstly, I help bereaved families during their times of grief. I offer my home to families for holding meetings, for the greater community as well in cases where gathered contributions should be made to the bereaved. Then, I also run a pool table club to help keep youngsters off the streets, as well as give my customers calendars at the beginning of each year.

What, for you, are the most important factors when it comes to hiring staff?

They must be self-motivated, they must be team players, ethical and honest. I also don't compromise when it comes to matters of discipline and punctuality.

Sister Sister Buy & Braai

Location: 448b Ukhozi Street, Zone 6, Meadowlands

Lives up to the hype.

Sister Sister offers extremely creative combinations of food with satisfying tastes. Our reviewer chose Dawood fish and fries, and was offered a complimentary signature Russian, the best ever!

How long have the sisters been in business? We sat down with one of the sisters Mrs Phumzile Ratladi.

We have recently opened.

What meals do your patrons most enjoy?

We have various dishes that my patrons enjoy from time to time. I braai my liver, steak and chicken that I season with a combination of my signature spices. But, we also serve a one of a kind Kota relish with beef mince and of course our fish and chips.

What equipment would you say is essential in the operation of your business?

Without refrigerators, our business would not even exist. They are really one of my ”have to have” pieces of equipment. Our meat scales and braai stands are also essential for us.

How do you handle difficult clientele?

I often encourage my sisters with all of our employees to first get control of themselves, so that they never find themselves in a situation where they are arguing with customers, whether they are angry, displeased or complaining.

What, for you, are the most important factors when it comes to hiring staff?

The incumbent must be a good communicator, also they must be an adaptable and effective learner.

Fenyane's Tavern

171 Masianoke Street, Ext 4, Volsloorus

A short walk from across the street, specialising in spirits, beers and fast-foods.

How long have you been in business? 

I began in 1992.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start their own establishments?

Keeping to liquor laws (time, operation and licensing), again to not ever take lightly the law of not having under-age children in your establishment. One other important factor would be to work with enormous cooperation with your neighbours and with respect.

Which cigarettes brands sell well?

Courtleigh and Peter Stuyvesant.

In what ways are you giving back to the community?

The initiative of Club10. In this project, all tavern owners get to help less fortunate school children by contributing a certain portion of their money to buying quality shoes for them.

How do you effectively communicate new specials or upcoming events to your clients?

Word of mouth as they come and purchase from us, as well as flyers whenever we can.