Ten Essential Bar Stocks

Liquor Inventory

Red Heart Rum

Red Heart Rum is triple distilled and is an aromatic blend of 18 different types of Caribbean rum.


A perfect smooth profile for an ice-cold shot with friends. The ultimate celebratory shot.

Strawberry Lips Liqueur

Strawberry Lips is a decadent combination of strawberry cream liqueur carefully laced with the best gold tequila.


Jose Cuervo Gold Imported Tequila

A perfect smooth profile for an ice-cold shot with friends. The ultimate celebratory shot.


Russian Bear Original

Perfectly distilled from the finest fermented molasses, Russian Bear Original is triple distilled, charcoal-filtered and laboratory tested for zero impurities. It is a classic vodka, neutral in taste and aroma and the perfect mixing partner.


Single Batch Imported Single Grain Vodka

Quadruple distilled using the finest grain and natural water for liquid quality to achieve the ultimate level of purity.


Haig Club

Haig Club is a single grain Scotch Whisky with a character and style that sets it apart. Haig Club is designed to be different-from the unique way in which the liquid has been crafted, to the distinctive square blue bottle.


Welllington VO Brandy

Wellington VO Brandy is a premium blend of selected three and five-year-old Cape brandies with unmatured neutral wine spirits. It is distilled primarily from colombard and chenin blanc grapes and is designed to be enjoyed with a wide range of mixers, or on the rocks. What you see is what you get and what you see is a smooth, easy-drinking and perfectly blended quality brandy at a price that suits your pocket. Nothing more and nothing less. Net so.


Amarula Cream Liqueur

The exotically tangy marula fruit is pulped and fermented to become marula wine before it is double distilled as a marula spirit and then aged in oak barrels for two years.


Gordon’s London Dry Gin

The ginniest of gins, freshly mixed with fresh tonic over ice. It has always heralded the start of something good.


Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky

Well-mannered, smooth and sweet, with pear and summer fruit notes on the nose and malt, vanilla and floral influences on the palate. It has a long, sweet finish with just a hint of peat.