Tourism and Hospitality Association members updated about future of industry

News from NTHA

The National Tourism and Hospitality Association (NTHA) general meeting in February was well attended by 800 members from 25 branches. Two branches did not attend due to a taxi strike and members of the SAPS from various stations, Musa Ngwenya, Colonel Rautenbach and representatives from the liquor board were unable to attend but did forward their apologies.

The president of NTHA and the executive addressed members about challenges resulting from the judgement on shebeen permits delivered on 1 November 2017. Justice Motojane said the decision of the MEC to promulgate the provision of the Gauteng Liquor Regulation on shebeen licences, published under government notice 586 in Provincial Gazette 56 dated 1 March 2013, is reviewed and set aside. He instructed the current MEC to fix what was not properly done. The previous MEC was found to have acted outside of the powers vested in him.

Another important item on the menu at the AGM was to get feedback from members about their local SAPS. It was found that there was a very serious problem as businesses were closed down in several locations. Members of SAPS have closed businesses where they have found that the owner, often the father, has passed on and the wife cannot continue to operate in some areas. The issue of consent use by the municipality is also destroying families who are in the liquor trading business

Shebeen owners only cater for friends and neighbours these days as we cannot compete with chain store prices. We need to make a living too and our businesses are from hand to mouth these days.

Associations have tried to communicate with the government about the issues of consent use and zoning as none of us can afford these requirements.

Shebeen owners only cater for friends and neighbours these days as we cannot compete with chain store prices. We need to make a living too and our businesses are from hand to mouth these days.

On 2 April 2018 we had a special meeting with Mrs Cleo Bodibe Lushaba and Mr Mojalefa who were representing the chief director, Mr Martins, who was not present as he had to attend an urgent meeting. We approached the liquor board because we wanted to know how far they were regarding the order they received and why they are calling traders meetings at the local police stations. When answering, Mrs Lushaba firstly apologised for not attending our meetings as they are very busy since receiving the court judgement. She further mentioned that Reva who is responsible for the regulations said that they were given two years. After the draft of the regulations, they will make contact with associations to discuss this matter further, and we should in the meantime, draft what we think they should consider and submit it to them. They will also implement workshops for the associations. We should also not worry about the consent of the 10 and 60 cases issue as we will be paying our annual renewal fees. We as members will have to discuss the fee structure and draft a proposal that will be fair for all. Tavern and shebeens owners and the board will still have to go to legislature before July for public participation in our regions and we will need to give our inputs.

The Gauteng Liquor Forum (GLF) is still talking to Mr Eric Xayiya about the issues of consent and zoning. Our next meeting will be in May where we will get the reports and feedback from legislature, municipalities, the liquor board and the MEC as they were instructed to go and speak together as government and come back with one voice and to ensure that they save the industry as liquor traders are also South African citizens.

As an association, we are appealing to traders to come together as you have to know about the future of your business. It is everyone’s responsibility to know if their permit is valid. We urge you to go to your association and seek help before it is too late.

Regarding crime, be aware and report any crime to Crime Stop. Be on alert for a group of Zulu-speaking men including Zimbabweans that have already robbed 52 liquor outlets. They drive a white Quantum van with registration SMS 444 GP and they are known to be very dangerous and shoot to kill.