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The Chevrolet Utility and Cruze

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The Utility

Last year Chevrolet rolled out their 250 000th Utility from the Struandale plant in Port Elizabeth. If you ever needed proof of the build quality and high standard of the Chevrolet "Ute", then those numbers speak for themselves. With nearly 18 years of production in South Africa under their belt, the Utility is as much a part of our heritage now as a good braai on a Saturday afternoon.

The perfect companion for any business and the very best possible sedan Chevrolet can offer.

The model that rolled off the line that day was the very popular 1.8l Utility Sport. The Chevrolet Utility comes in three main variants: the Base, Club and Sport models, which have petrol engine variants that range from 1.4 litres to 1.8 litres. All models come with a five-speed gear box, which offers seamless and smooth gear shifts and allows the engine option that was chosen to perform at the optimum level. Some of the creature comforts on offer in the Ute include power steering, air-conditioning on select models, radio/CD and MP3 player on the Club and Sport’s version, plus automatic window closing when the central locking is activated on the Sports version.

Through all the engine options, the Utility offers a power output of either 68 or 77kWs. The impressive performance figure, however, is the Chevrolet’s torque. With anywhere between 120 and 161Nm at your disposal, the Utility’s pulling power is bigger than its small stature might suggest. Starting from around R159,800*, the Chevrolet Utility can be the perfect companion for any business, no matter how big or small.

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The Chevrolet Cruze

We move from South Africa’s best-selling utility to Chevrolet’s best-selling global passenger car, the Cruze. The 2016 Cruze has not lost the five-star qualities that it has always possessed, but has gone a little bit further to deliver an even better product to local consumers. The new front and rear styling of the 2016 Cruze has added a note of refinement and sophistication, while at the same time retaining its compact look. The new Cruze my look like your standard family sedan, but it acts like so much more.

Some of the striking design improvements include a new dual-port chrome grille in front, giving the Cruze an undertone of aggression, suggesting there is something powerful hidden under the bonnet, while the sleek lines tone down the Cruze, giving it an elegant silhouette on the road.

The Cruze engineers wanted to make sure that this dynamic vehicle appealed to a wide audience, so they created one exceptional design with two striking body shapes. You can choose between the more compact hatchback or the slick sedan.

The interior of the Cruze is as good, if not better than any brand in this specific segment. With a host of optional extras available you can customise your Cruze to suit your taste, needs and desires allowing you to drive away in the very best possible sedan Chevrolet can offer.

The Cruze Sedan comes in two variants, with four engine options ranging from a 1.4l automatic, to a 1.4l turbo manual and 1.6l petrol engine. The 1.4 litre turbo engine pumps out a whopping 103kWs of power, which means you can cruise the streets with a great amount of purpose and speed.

With 3 million Cruze models sold worldwide, it is no wonder they are selling like hotcakes here. Priced from R248,900* to R296,200*, the Cruze buys you plenty of bang for your buck.

*all prices are correct at time of print

Damian Murphy