Youth market

Where the Students go and What they Drink

Every weekend students go out to party in various night clubs across the city and townships, Nolihle Gulwa speaks to students in Johannesburg about their favourite venues and drinks in town.

Manager of News Café at Campus Square Shopping Centre in Melville Timothy Khanye said “We don’t do anything to attract students, but we have music on special days. We check  kind of music is appropriate for the customers. We also interview our customers about what they like and expect from us. Young male patrons order draughts because they have higher volume and ladies prefer cocktails and shooters. News Café offers a comprehensive cocktail menu ranging from classic cocktails to their own creations including a selection of wines and premium spirits.

Vhahangwele Mapiri, a student from one of the colleges in Braamfontein said “what attracts me to a night club is the mood in the club, but I hardly go to clubs, bars, or taverns unless my friends want us to go out. My favourite liquor is brandy and because I am not an avid drinker, when I buy a bottle it lasts for months.”

Every weekend students go out to party in various night clubs across the city and townships, Nolihle Gulwa speaks to students in Johannesburg about their favourite venues and drinks in town.

Some of the students usually go to clubs to interact with friends, socialise and have fun, not just to drink alcohol. Many tertiary institutions host their freshman’s parties at clubs around the city.

Owner of Raja Raja Tavern, Raja James says his tavern is for anyone over the age of 18 “I don’t specifically target students, but if anyone wants a beer they can come in and drink. We sell what our market requires, ranging from beers, ciders and brandy.”

Students prefer different types of drinks depending on the occasion and the venue. When chilling with friends at a classy place, you may go for ciders for girls and beers for boys, but when the place has a good vibe it’s most likely for them to hang in there and listen to music or just chill with friends. This is according to Thenjwe Gumbi, a college student who also says she prefers wine and light ciders. “My favourite wine is a red blend, and ciders, I like Hunters Gold, Hunters Dry and Purple Ice.”

Bliss Corner is a vibrant bar at the corner of Jorissen and Biccard Street in Braamfontein. It offers everything from cocktails, ciders, beers, whiskies and brandies. The bar Manager, Ditso Toni Sekwenyane says their bar is targeting the youth market and they do promotions through posters, Facebook and Smses. Persons under the age of 18 are strictly not allowed at their venue. Sekwenyane says in his observation, students do not have a special brand of liquor but they order any beer.

The Manager of The Dros Restaurant and Bar in Melville’s Campus Square, Max Sibanda says “We do promotions with our suppliers such as SAB and we have a student menu offering food and drinks at lesser prices. He says men usually order draughts like Castle Lager and Carling Black Label, and girls prefer ciders and wines.

Liquid Blue Cocktail lounge and restaurant in Melville’s 7th street is a popular spot for young people and also the middle and upper class. The venue is known for its cool house, R&B music, and it has smoking and non- smoking areas with ultra-cool décor with two flat screen TV’s for sport and music videos. This is a cocktail lounge, students come here for that and also a good sound system,” says Manager, Rassie Mugayi.

On Wednesdays there is a Karaoke special and there is a special where you can buy one beer or cider or cocktail and get another one for free.

He says on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the place is always fully booked and there is always a long queue where customers wait to come into the lounge.

At Blue Cocktail Lounge, there is affordable transport for students and other customers living within its vicinity. Ashwin Quincy Bailey, student at Damelin College in Braamfontein said “My favourite beer is Carling Black Label, I believe it is a men’s beer, and I also like Jameson whiskey, because of its good quality. I drink vodka to warm up the body and my favourite one is Skyy Vodka, because it’s good!

Kgotso Malokoa who is also a student at Damelin said he goes to any place to have beers where his friends can recommend. He says his favourite liquor is Carling Black Label and Amstel Lager because he believes Carling Black Label has got a great taste and Amstel is a champion beer.

A student from PC Training and Business College, Ntombifuthi Gqoloda says she’s attracted to a night club because of good music, and that she’s a red wine enthusiast. She says she prefers wine because her body can’t tolerate other liquors.

Ntombifuthi believes that cocktail bars, pubs, and taverns are good places for students and the middle to upper class patrons to relax, interact and socialise with friends and other people from different classes and all walks of life.

A student spending report released by Student Village, shows that South African students spend 15% more than the average consumers.

According to the report, a large portion of the students' money (78%) came from parents and other relatives. About a quarter of their income was earned from part-time work and 18% came from bursaries and sponsors.

The Student Village study in May and June was based on the responses of 681 students aged between 18 and 24.