Network vandalism: stopping us from connecting our people

How YOU can help Telkom keep us connected

Neighbourhood watches and community groups can also help to protect our infrastructure by spreading the word about site vandalism, sharing information and using our hotlines.


Discover comfort, durability & reliable protection with Wayne’s superior quality gumboots

Choose Wayne Gumboots

Our gumboots are proudly manufactured in South Africa, and are available in a variety of colours, cuts and lengths to suit the needs of the industry.

Square July Savings Month SERIES overall.png

Saving in YOUR language with #waystosave this July Savings Month

Register for the webinars and you could win cash to boost your savings!

Follow @waystosave on social media for more and visit to register.


5 tips to help you save on current expenses

Needs or wants? What is more important?

In a household budget, expenses can be categorised into needs and wants. Needs are essential things in our lives such as food, housing and medical costs.


Business Cash Advance now available to assist SMMEs and smaller unregistered businesses

Finance between R3000 and R350 000 is available to customers using VodaPay POS devices

No company registration or VAT numbers are required.

#67000 litres for Mandela Day campaign in the Jackson Park Informal Settlement in Joburg.jpg

Join the Chefs with Compassion with their annual #67000litres for Mandela Day Challenge

Calling on everyday South Africans to get involved by cooking for a beneficiary of their choice from the safety and comfort of their homes.

The nationwide initiative to cook 67 000 litres of soup for Mandela Day is continuing despite the unrest gripping Durban and Gauteng.


Water leaks can be costly!

Check out these tips from Rand Water on how to check for leaks.

Every drop of water that is wasted through leaks means less water for us, our neighbours and our businesses.


Should you splurge? Or secure your financial future?

How to best save for the future and plan ahead

Most South Africans have reached a crossroad in their financial journeys, which is why it has become crucial for consumers to take an honest look at how they manage their money.

Image 2 SendSpend.jpg

No bank account? No problem!

SendSpend payment system launched for the unbanked millions

The platform, which is now available in South Africa, is entirely digital and free for consumers, who can use SendSpend within minutes of registering via a downloaded App.

Simphiwe Zuma JCI 3.jpg

Youth Day 2021 - Let's encourage our youth to start enterprises

A New Youth Entrepreneurship Program Launches in South Africa

Young people should be at the forefront of youth issues. The youth unemployment rate in this country is an outcry for us to not wait on anyone to save us.