Funding and support for your SME

Find out where to access Covid-19 relief

Take advantage of Covid-19 relief funds if your business qualifies.


The CIPC's new compliance checklist

Find out why all companies must comply

It is a requirement of the Act that companies file an annual return in the prescribed form within the prescribed period.


Do you have a valid will?

If not, do you know the requirements for drafting one?

The first step is to draw up a will. If you want to direct how your personal property, money and possessions are to be divided among your family when you die, you need to have a valid will.


Do you broadcast or play music in your business?

You need a licence for that!

Did you know that if you are using recorded music in your business you should be paying SAMPRA a Needletime Rights Licence?


Small businesses grow into medium-sized ones - and beyond

Grow your business with NuPay

Most businesses start out small with limited capital and some have gone on to become industry giants over time.


Shoprite is giving away R1.4m in prizes to small businesses with the 2020 Hustle Competition

Enter now!

Success in the competition, which was first launched in 2018, has served as a launch pad for previous winners including one that has gone on to become a national supplier to Shoprite and Checkers.


Medical Aid, Health Insurance or Gap Cover?

by Spotong

The best way to make your medical aid go further is by understanding how various benefits and components of your medical aid work and what they cover.


Essential financial guidelines to assist South African consumers

Take charge of your finances as we navigate Covid-19

Ensure that you understand any new financial product(s) related to Covid-19 being marketed and sold, and whether these suit your actual needs.


NuPay makes microfinance a breeze

NuPay can safeguard the cashflow of your business, employees and customers!

The microfinance industry in South Africa is extremely important to many South Africans who are unable to receive loans from banks.


Looking for financial relief for your SME?

Help is available

A number of private and state entities have set up relief funding schemes to support small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.