Medical Aid, Health Insurance or Gap Cover?

by Spotong

The best way to make your medical aid go further is by understanding how various benefits and components of your medical aid work and what they cover.


NuPay makes microfinance a breeze

NuPay can safeguard the cashflow of your business, employees and customers!

The microfinance industry in South Africa is extremely important to many South Africans who are unable to receive loans from banks.


Insurance equals peace of mind!

Why every SME needs insurance cover

These incidents can happen when you least expect it and knowing you have insurance cover puts you at ease because you know that your insurance will take care of the situation.

Business Digital Devices Connecting Concept

Switch your business to digital

5 essential digital needs for the modern SME

Technology permeates every facet of an organisation, irrespective of size or industry sector. You must embrace it or risk losing momentum against competitors.


Essential financial guidelines to assist South African consumers

Take charge of your finances as we navigate Covid-19

Ensure that you understand any new financial product(s) related to Covid-19 being marketed and sold, and whether these suit your actual needs.


Do you have a valid will?

If not, do you know the requirements for drafting one?

The first step is to draw up a will. If you want to direct how your personal property, money and possessions are to be divided among your family when you die, you need to have a valid will.


Looking for financial relief for your SME?

Help is available

A number of private and state entities have set up relief funding schemes to support small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Do you broadcast or play music in your business?

You need a licence for that!

Did you know that if you are using recorded music in your business you should be paying SAMPRA a Needletime Rights Licence?


Safeguard yourself and your money

Don't become a victim this holiday season by following these safety tips

In most robberies, robbers are armed and will resort to violence if the victim tries to resist.


Give your business an edge

The latest tech to get you there

Do you want to make more sales? Or to grow your customer base?