Banknotes security feature

Avansa - know your banknotes

Counterfeit banknotes can have a crippling effect on a business. The key to avoiding the effects of counterfeit banknotes is to check all of the notes before accepting them as legal tender.

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Linda Twala

He’s married his community work

For Alexandra's iconic community worker, Linda Twala, his relationship and involvement with philanthropy work is as sacred as marriage vows.

Founding chairman of Columba Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, Rob Taylor.jpg

Columba Leadership

Movement for Youth Leadership

“When young people invest in their own education and take shared responsibility for school discipline and academic improvement we see dramatic results,” says Rob Taylor, Founding Chairman of Columba Academy.

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Entrepreneur Culture

SA Needs to Adopt a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Approximately 80% of start-ups fail within the first two years of existence. Reasons as to why these businesses fail vary from lack of capital, lack of business skills and a worsening economy.


Plastic recycling

Plastics – Future for Growth

The South African plastics industry needs to become more original and innovative, rather than having a host of small companies making the same product in the market.

Hlogi Makau,owner of Caprivi in Tembisa. (533x800).jpg

Owner of Caprivi in Tembisa

Moving into a greater market

Hlogi Makau, owner of the upmarket night club and restaurant in Tembisa, Caprivi, tells Donald Makhafola how he has grown his popular and the most sought-after spot in the township, to become a powerful brand.

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Chefs training programme

Learning specialised cooking skills

Making its third anniversary this year, the youth chefs training keeps on soaring; changing the lives of young people and providing the hospitality industry with a highly sought after skilled workforce.

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Black entrepreneurs

Bafana Mapela says entrepreneurship requires strategies to be implemented

Bafana Mapela, co-founder of Black Entrepreneurs, a business consulting firm, says entrepreneurship is a process that requires strategies to be formulated and successfully implemented for it to work.

Trainee Chef

Skills Shortage

Addressing skills shortage in hospitality industry

The Tourism and Business Institute of Southern Africa (TBISA) says South Africa doesn’t have a properly trained staff within the hospitality industry and that can negatively affect local tourism prospects.

Grolsch Beer

Consumer Inflation

Higher inflation rate affects poor consumers

The CPI inflation rate for December, shows a slight increase from 5.6% to 5.7% year-on-year, providing the latest insights as to where the household sector is most or least pressured by price increases.