School pupils in Diepsloot

Drinking Age

Government Wants to Raise Drinking Age to 21

Nearly 80% of a group of surveyed Gauteng high school pupils regularly consume alcohol, according to findings released by the University of South Africa’s Bureau for Market Research.

finance and banking

Finance and Banking

Banking and Funding For Small Busines

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea just starting out, or have been running a small business for years; banking is the backbone of your business — the support you need to survive, succeed and grow.

Kelli Givens

Kelli Givens

The Joy of Changing Lives

Very few people dedicate their lives wholeheartedly to helping impoverished communities and to changing socio-economic patterns. Then we met Kelli Givens — CEO of Sport for All, initiative to change lives.

Dr Thami Mazwai

Small and big businesses compete

Small Businesses Must Compete With Retailers – Dr Mazwai

Poor management and lack of proper market research are some of the constraints faced by the small and medium enterprises in South Africa, according to Dr Thami Mazwai from the University of Johannesburg's CSBD.

health and safety

Health and Safety

Take Measures to protect your customers and property

When at a restaurant it’s unlikely that you are taking your life into your own hands if you eat the fruit, vegetables and salads, or if you chose to add ice to your drink.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Keep your customers coming back

Marketing is a fundamental aspect of any business but as an independent tavern or restaurant, you’ll never have a marketing budget like other chain restaurants and bars.