Strengthen your defence against COVID-19!

The best way is by boosting your immune system

If we do catch COVID-19, our immune system is responsible for fighting it.


Lockdown Level 4 - What can be bought and sold

Informal traders and spaza shop owners take note

No sale of liquor is permitted.


Covid-19 Explained

Protect yourself and others around you by knowing the facts and taking appropriate precautions

The term “social distancing” means to keep your distance from others. This includes avoiding public spaces such as malls and social events as well as recreational areas where others usually gather.


From 1 May it is mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask when out in public

Protect yourself and wear a mask

Each person will need to have at least 2 face masks so that one face mask is available when the other is being washed.


Are you seeking a permit to operate during lockdown?

Avoid the long queues by registering online

This free online system will help you avoid queues