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No bank account? No problem!

SendSpend payment system launched for the unbanked millions

The platform, which is now available in South Africa, is entirely digital and free for consumers, who can use SendSpend within minutes of registering via a downloaded App.


From side hustle to main hustle

Check out these 7 tips for making the jump

Dream big, work smart and yes, HARD, and don't quit!


How to find a suitable side hustle

4 points to get you on your way to realising your dream

Despite the online world we presently live in, face-time is still as powerful as when the concept was first introduced to the business world.

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Eight quick fixes to improve your small business

Apply these simple moves for instant business benefits.

To expand your network, you need to join industry bodies and attend all the networking events you can.

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Youth Day 2021 - Let's encourage our youth to start enterprises

A New Youth Entrepreneurship Program Launches in South Africa

Young people should be at the forefront of youth issues. The youth unemployment rate in this country is an outcry for us to not wait on anyone to save us.


5 Tips for aspiring Entrepreneurs

It’s time to get out of your head and get going!

Do yourself, your family, and your community a favour – believe in yourself and your dreams and start your business today!


Improve your small business

Five ways to use mobile technology

Slick mobile solutions such as Yoco and Zapper have made it affordable and easy for small businesses to accept card and mobile payments.


Give your business an edge

The latest tech to get you there

Do you want to make more sales? Or to grow your customer base?


Are you funding-ready?

Win a copy of the SMME Kit to Access Funding!

South Africa presents massive opportunities for entrepreneurs, and significant support and funding is now available for start-ups and SMEs ready to move to the next phase in their businesses.


5 ways to drive traffic and sales

Build on your success and compete with the big guys with these clever in-store activations

To stay competitive, you need to give them compelling reasons to come into your store.