Finance & Saving


Should you splurge? Or secure your financial future?

How to best save for the future and plan ahead

Most South Africans have reached a crossroad in their financial journeys, which is why it has become crucial for consumers to take an honest look at how they manage their money.


8 savvy ways to cut costs in your SME

Increase your chance of business success by following these tips

Many small business owners are so focused on keeping their head above water and making sales that the task of lowering overhead costs often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

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What is credit life insurance and do you need it?

Be honest … do you always read every word of the fine print in the contracts you sign? You probably have this type of insurance and don't even know it.

One thing to look out for when you’re signing for any kind of credit - retail store cards, credit cards, personal loans, vehicle finance and home loans - is credit life insurance.

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A bright future ahead for the township property market

Kasi property is booming and the time to buy is now

Townships now boast significant developments and the building of malls and shopping centres also boosts the market.

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Saving in YOUR language with #waystosave this July Savings Month

Register for the webinars and you could win cash to boost your savings!

Follow @waystosave on social media for more and visit to register.


5 tips to help you save on current expenses

Needs or wants? What is more important?

In a household budget, expenses can be categorised into needs and wants. Needs are essential things in our lives such as food, housing and medical costs.


Own your own home!

Take advantage of the buyers' market and use FLISP to purchase your first property

Getting your foot in the property door is now a reality for many first-time buyers and with the help of FLISP, many are well on their way to owning their very own home.


Evaluating your risk

Is your business home-based and do you have proper insurance cover?

Running a business from home is a convenient choice for many entrepreneurs. It gives you flexibility and precious family time and helps to keep overheads low.

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Rent to Own - The Pros and Cons

Business finance and Management

The “rent to own” option of purchasing items has gained strength in South Africa over recent years, and allows us the option to purchase these much-needed items in spite of being short of cash.


Investment scams and how to spot them

Protect yourself and your hard-earned money

Each year, thousands of people lose millions of rands in investment scams.