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Here’s what you can do about it

Do you know what your credit rating is? Have you been blacklisted because of bad debt? Why is it important to have a good credit rating? These questions have important consequences for your business.

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Why insure and invest?

Growing your money

Now that you are making money, you need to start thinking about how to grow your money and protect your money. Here’s where to start…


Seek financial advice

 To grow your business

When one thinks of taverns or shebeens, it is seldom considered first as someone’s business and subsequent livelihood. Often, these establishments are viewed from an affable perspective, where we meet friends.

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Dangers inherent in carrying large sums of cash

The 9.6 percent increase in the number of incidents involving cash heists from people who had withdrawn money from banks or who were on their way to deposit money is a source of concern.


Group Schemes vs Banks!

by Andrew Lukhele

Saving money can be a difficult task, but group schemes and stokvels encourage dedication to this important task.


Avoid the feeding frenzy of loan sharks

Operating an unlicensed money lending business is a crime

If you find yourself in a tight spot financially, who should you turn to? We look how loan sharks operate and why you should avoid them.

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It pays to be insured

What is the right insurance for your small business?

You can’t have a business without insurance. The two go hand in hand. But finding the right insurance for your small business takes time, patience and careful research.

Stay on top of debt

Stay on top of debt

Planning your spending for the end of the year

If we had targets to achieve this year, and they haven’t been met, now is the time to re-motivate ourselves to make sure that they get done.

Car insurance in case of an accident

Saving on insurance

Pay only for what you need

Gari Dombo, MD of Alexander Forbes Insurance says, “It’s advisable to evaluate your insurance policy and make sure that you are only paying for insurance cover that you actually need.

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Financial management system for your business

The award-winning easy-to-use Business Management and Accounting System for small business SMEasy is regarded as a one-stop solution for small business.