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We stand against irresponsible behaviour by alcohol consumers and non-compliant liquor traders!

GLF Quarterly Column

In most cases, the liquor outlets that are flouting Covid-19 protocols are not members of any association, which makes it difficult to deal with such outlets unless the police enforce compliance.


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Shoprite’s new transactional Money Market Account enables private and public sector businesses and institutions to make safe bulk mobile payments to thousands of people without incurring massive bank charges.

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Hot off the press

News that informs and inspires in the retail industry

The latest news in the retail industry


SME owners have suffered greatly due to Covid-19

NTHA Quarterly Column

Many of us couldn’t afford to continue with our rental payments, debts, bonds, school fees or even maintaining the provision of food to the mouths of those that are less privileged within our communities.


The Tavern Tatler

News for the liquor trade

The murals will be displayed in areas with high traffic volumes for maximum impact to drum in the message of responsible social behaviour in communities.

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Viruses and bacteria may be invisible to the naked eye, but they linger – sometimes for days – on the surfaces we touch in our day-to-day lives.

Handing food hampers to those in need

Heineken lends a hand

The beer brand is assisting staff and supporting frontline healthcare heroes and communities impacted by Covid-19

Heineken South Africa strives to assist those most impacted by the pandemic and the healthcare workers keeping us protected from its spread and effect.

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The Tavern Tatler

News for the liquor trade

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic has become a reality across the country, the use of breathalysers and blood tests in the fight against drunk driving is in question.