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SAB Miller is the fastest growing in the Sub-Saharan Africa’s region. Image by Jason Alden One Red Eye.jpg

Emerging market for brewers

Brewers to Benefit from Emerging Market

Brewers are set to benefit from the growing consumer market in Africa as more people in the continent move from home-brewed beer and spirits to commercially produced alcohol.

Illegal traders

Getting a license

Get Your License, Start Trading!

After Gauteng imposed a moratorium on the application and issuing of new liquor licenses late last year, a total of 78 outlets were shut down after they were found to be operating illegally.

Liquor traders were warned against fraudulent liquor licenses.

Fraudulent liquor license

Beware of Fraudulent Liquor Licensing Scams

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has warned businesses and individuals interested in registering as liquor traders about a fraudulent liquor licensing scams operating in Gauteng.

Banning alcohol advertising would affect small brands.

Banning of alcohol advertising

Banning Alcohol Advertising would Affect Smaller Brands

The controversial draft legislation on the banning of alcohol advertising, set to adversely affect both the liquor and marketing industries.