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Spotong chats to leading liquor traders

I make sure that there is always water available so they can alternate their drinks. I also never serve to anyone who has already had too much to drink.


Be yourself with Jabu Stone

Why deny yourself the beauty of natural hair?

It was at that point that Jabu’s mother imparted the following to her son: “Before people will buy your product, they need to buy into you.”

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BVFBA Tavern Reviews

by Spotong

It was my late husband’s tavern which I inherited after his passing in August of 2016. My husband started it so we could have a family business but he was killed after he responded to a robbery at our tavern.

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GLF Tavern Reviews

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This is our family business. Both of my parents retired and my siblings and I took over the running of the tavern.

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At your service

Spotong chats to leading liquor traders

I feel that male patrons undermine me because I am a female business owner.


It’s not a party without music!

Tavern Entertainment

It has to be house music! Not only because I play house music but because it is inspired by other amazing genres such as jazz and soul.

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SALTA Tavern Reviews

by Spotong

I decided to open my own tavern in 1994. Times were changing and I wanted to work for myself and my family to ensure a sustainable income.

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NTHA Tavern Reviews

by Spotong

I am very lucky to be in an area where there are only five taverns in operation so my business is always thriving. I am also grateful to be able to offer employment to my three employees.

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Club 10 Tavern Reviews

Meet the Club 10 tavern owners

A tavern is a vey lucrative business to operate in Jozini so I have no complaints!


The one that hit the mark

The JMC Vigus is a winner on every front

However, with the new JMC Vigus, we finally feel like we have found a real contender for a bakkie to replace the stalwarts in the market at the moment.