(Standing) is the owner of Billy's Place in Katlehong, Billy Thapelo Mokoena and his customers..JPG

Billy's Place

Billy’s Place in Katlehong

Billy’s Place in Katlehong, is an awesome tavern with a unique and priceless township experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Located on Sotonga Street, the spot is owned by Billy Mokoena.

Mpho Zondi is the proud owner Xoli's Pub & Restaurant in Zola, Zone 1. (800x600).jpg

Xoli’s Pub

Xoli’s Pub and Restaurant

Xoli’s Pub and Restaurant opened its doors in 2006 in Zola 1, selling pap and chicken livers from a small family kitchen. Now this is a place where local flock to, to enjoy their favourite dishes and drinks.

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Beer Cocktails

Beer Cocktails Hit South Africa

South Africa’s beer culture has undoubtedly evolved in recent years. With the advent of craft brewing and food pairings, the versatility of beer is continually being tested.

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KWV3 and Cola

Distilled Brandy and Cola

KWV South Africa has decided to expand its offering within the ready-to-drink market with a premium brandy and cola that appeals to less traditional brandy drinkers.

Jessie Sitsila, owner of Jessie's Tavern in Spruitview.JPG

Jessie’s Tavern

Jessie’s Tavern in Spruitview

If you’re familiar with Spruitview, you should know that Jessie’s Tavern has been around since 2005. Jessie’s Tavern owner, Jessie Sitsila, grew up in Spruitview.

Joseph Yehlo Steve Mahlo Clement and Owner Joey Louw(sunglass) (640x427).jpg

West Side Tavern

West Side Tavern in Eldos

The owner of West Side Tavern in Eldorado Park Ext 2, Joey Louw, affirms that managing a tavern is a tough task — just like running any business. Louw speaks about how his business went through ups and downs.

Nissan NP300

Nissan NP300

Nissan NP300: The Single Cab Workhorse

When deciding to buy a car that best suits the needs of your business, there are a number of important factors you need to consider: like how much will it cost to run, including maintenance and petrol.

Amstel VIP Lounge.JPG

Amstel Brand in Taverns

Designers capture the Amstel brand in taverns.

Designers capture the Amstel brand in the finishes and colours into interior fittings in taverns.

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Draught Beer

High Profit Draught Beer

Draught is the freshest beer you can buy, which is why it’s in great demand. But, before you rush out and order draft machines for your tavern, you must understand the science behind draught.

Colathemba Red Wine #29D655.jpg


Colathemba - Red Wine and Cola

Stellen Fine Wines is giving South Africans a refresher they would love to enjoy; a sparkling red wine with cola, named Colathemba.